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Traditional Chinese Medicine to Combat Acne

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Acne breakouts can be the bane of our existence especially when our skin becomes constantly red, swollen, and irritated. We never get a moments peace when our skin breaks out in red bumps with some leaving scars that will take a while before they disappear.. Most of us use acne treatments to help reduce the swelling and redness on our skin but sometimes going the traditional treatment route works better. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, you will find that your acne problems will be solved without the need of applying any ointments and other medications. Here are a few remedies in traditional Chinese medicine that can help bring back the natural beauty of your skin.

Natural topical ointments

Like it was mentioned before, Traditional Chinese Medicine doesn’t require you to apply topical creams and ointments that contain harsh chemicals but they do give a nod to organic ingredients such as honeysuckle flower powder, fresh cucumber juice, pearl powder, and even turmeric to help soothe the inflammation on your skin. Applying these ingredients on the affected areas of your body will reduce the heat present that is causing acne to flare up.

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Start moving

You may not actually believe this but exercising can actually help minimize your acne breakouts according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s important that you get up and sweat it out by doing light to moderate workouts to help get your blood running and to sweat a lot so that the toxins in your body will be eliminated. This can actually clear your skin up from any impurities so there will be less acne popping out.

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Balancing your meals

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, they believe that eating a balance of cold and warm foods can actually keep acne at bay. Depending on our blood type, the food that we eat may cause some reaction in our system. For example, when we eat chicken, the warm protein it contains increases the heat in our body which can actually exacerbate your acne problem. On the other hand, if you love eating cold food, it will still affect your skin’s condition. You should aim for a balanced diet that contains both hot and cold foods to minimize acne flare-ups.

Herbals work

Traditional Chinese Medicine promotes the use of herbals and other natural ingredients to fight off any infection, inflammation, and what not in our bodies. There are several herbs that are actually good for fighting off acne breakouts but make sure that you discuss your options with a TCM practitioner to know what type of herb to use for your skin condition. Adaptogens are recommended too because they can assist in regulating your hormones as well as your nervous system which can save your skin from skin issues.

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