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Ways to Battle Frizzy Hair this Summer

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Poufy, fuzzy and frayed hair ends—these are the price you pay for the beautiful summer weather. Luckily, you can still have a nice, frizz-free hair the entire season by following the steps enumerated below. So read on and start fighting the frizz for a summer-ready and gorgeous mane.

1. Consider skipping shampoo sessions.

Sun-damaged hair tends to get really fragile, and shampooing every day can cause it to break. Lots of hairstylists recommend skipping a day or two of shampooing to give your hair strands the rest they need. And when you do pop the shampoo, make sure that you’re using the gentle variety. Remember that shampoo can strip your hair of its natural oils. Also, ensure that you apply an ample amount of conditioner (apply it from mid-shaft to ends) before washing. When you lather, do the roots only and just let the suds trickle down to the ends; this will make certain that moisture is still locked-in while your strands get cleaned.

2. Go crazy on moisture.

Go big on moisture—your parched hair will surely thank you for it! Make it a habit to use a leave-on conditioner after each time you shampoo your hair. Go for one that’s loaded on hydrating properties (i.e.: vitamin E, shea butter, etc.). Use a conditioning hair mask every two weeks. The reason? Hair masks can fill the holes along your hair cuticles, making it stronger.

3. Mind your ends.

Living on Splitsville? Mend your hair’s frayed ends by adding a few drops of argan oil in it; it helps seal it and prevent it from breaking. When you go for oil treatments, the ends of your hair are the ones standing to get the most benefit; mostly because it is so porous in nature. Apply the oil an inch or two above the ends of your hair then run your fingers through it. Regular trims help too—getting one every eight weeks is highly recommended. Note that the healthier your hair ends are, the easier they can absorb moisture.

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4. Get your strands sun-screened.

Yes, you’ve read that right—hair SPF is legit! It helps prevent the sun’s rays from penetrating your hair shaft and breaking down its pigment molecules. So before going out in the sun, protect your hair by applying a lightweight hair product that has UV filters. And if you’re the DIY kind of person, you may create your own by mixing 2 teaspoons of sunscreen with 1 cup of water. Place the mixture in a spritz bottle and voila—instant sun protection for your precious mane.

5. Amp up the color.

Faded strands can be bolstered by lathering up once a week with a pigment-depositing shampoo that matches or at least close to your own hair hues. Doing this will provide your hair with a much needed-boost.

6. Go for shine.

Another way to liven up dry, dull hair is to apply an at-home gloss every month. Doing this will bring back shine to your strands making it look healthier and revitalized. Added bonus: hair glosses closes tightly around your hair cuticles which makes your strands stay protected and smooth for longer periods of time.

7. Layer up!

One-length frizz-prone hair looks really bottom heavy. To combat this, consider layers. Layers can help distribute the weight and works better with texture. Also, avoid razor cuts—because if they’re not done right, it will shear the ends of your hair making it look even more frayed.

8. Make it smooth.

To combat frizzy hair—you’ll need lots of moisture. The solution: Apply a cream infused with silicone in your hair each time after you shampoo. It keeps your hair’s natural moisture locked in and bad moisture (moisture you get from exposure to humid air) at bay. You may also try a “hair smoothie”—a product that’s one part styling cream, the other half, a smoothing serum. The former creates “hold” while the latter fights frizz.

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