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Boho Braids to Try

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Braids are some of the easiest and most wearable hairstyles. You can use braids at red carpet events, weddings, on-the go and for work. Braids can come in different types and can be used in different ways. A trending hairstyle right now is Boho Braids. Boho braids give out a more casual and relax vibe than other hair styles. Boho braids work well with casual wear, for a romantic evening, for the beach or even for work.

Here are some of the basic Boho Braids you can try.

Boho Braids to Try Half Crown Boho Braids

  1. You can add texture and body to your hair by adding curls or waves to the hair before doing the Boho braids.
  2. Part your hair to one side and take an inch square section of your hair near the part and two inches away from your hairline. It doesn’t matter which side part you choose to take the section from since you will be repeating the steps on each side.
  3. Divide this section into three equal sections. Cross the side strands under the middle section to create a braid or simply perform a French braid. Tie it off with a clear elastic band.
  4. Take another section just beside the first one and repeat step 3.
  5. Create a third braid just opposite the first one and second one. You’ll be creating two braids on each side of the part.
  6. Take the two braids from the left side and a section of hair near the hairline. Bring these towards the back of your head.
  7. Perform step 6 on the right side. Combine the section from the right and left part and tie them together with a clear elastic band.
  8. Fix your hair in your desired place and lightly spritz on Hairspray.Boho Braids to Try
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Boho Halo Braid

  1. Back comb the hair in your apex area or the highest part of your head. Create volume with this and gently comb the top to smoothen it.
  2. Part your hair to your natural parting. Separate it into two as if you are creating pigtails.
  3. Apply mousse of wax on your hands and hair to prevent hair from flyaways. Separate one of the sections into three equal parts and begin to French braid it. Braid it close to the head and place the elastic band the farthest you can. Pancake the braid or slightly pull out the sides of the bread to create more texture.
  4. Repeat step three on the other section. After both braids are done take a few Bobby pins and comb your bangs in place. Take one of the braids and wrap around your head to the top. Pin it in place. Make sure to hide the Bobby pins.
  5. Repeat step four on the other side, except this time tuck the end of the braid beneath the first one and secure the braid in place. You can place multiple pins in to prevent it from falling.
  6. Fix everything to your desired style and apply hair spray.

Try out these easy Boho braids the next time you’re in a rush.

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