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Common Nail Problems and Their Remedies

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Our nails can determine different health problems in the body. You can determine kidney diseases, diabetes, anemia, circulation blockage and more just by looking at your nails. This is why it’s advised to remove nail polish before a medical procedure. Though not everything we see in our nails have serious issues. There are common nail problems that we can treat and prevent. Here are some common nail problems and their remedies.

1. Yellow Nails

Yellow nails can be caused by harsh nail polish or not using a base coat underneath the nail polish. If you experience yellow nails without using nail polish, then it may be caused by a fungal infection.


For fungal infection, talk to your doctor. The doctor will be able to prescribe you the right medication to cure and remove the fungus. You can lighten the yellow nail by creating a home brew of nail polish remover with lemon juice. Apply this with a soft cotton ball to remove the yellow hue in your nail. Another product you can use are nail whitening scrubs that you can find in the market.

2. Brittle Nails

Brittle nails can be caused by multiple factors. It can be caused by poor diet, lack of nutrition, sun exposure and chemical exposure.


Avoid using a nail hardener that has formaldehyde, this ingredient can dry out the nails and make it more prone to damage. Use a nail hardener with a waterproof coating. Formulas that have waterproof coatings lock in the moisture in the nail and prevents graze and dirt on the nail. Continual use of nail hardener will cure brittle nails.

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3. Hangnails

Hangnails are caused by excessive picking of the nails and biting. You can also acquire hangnail from exposing the nails to detergents and harsh chemicals such as bleach. Not maintaining your nails can also cause hangnails.


You can remove hangnails with a cuticle remover. Don’t remove too much or it will bleed and cause scars. Wait for the cuticle to heal before applying moisturizer or nail polish. Keep hangnails at bay by applying moisturizer regularly.

4. White Spots

This can be caused by too much pressure on the nails. You can injure your nail by applying too much pressure when cleaning your nails or accidentally hitting your hand on the table.


You can cover up the white spot with a delicate nail polish or simply wait for it to grow out. Be careful not to apply any pressure on it, white spots can grow if you damage it more.

Always keep your nails clean and bring sanitizer to prevent fungal infections. Avoid using cleaning items that have not been sanitized. Simply keep your nails clean and maintained to avoid nail problems.

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