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First Time Coloring Your Hair? Here Are What You Need To Know

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Fifty percent of people in the world color their hair. Natural hair color is great and should be proud of, but coloring your hair at least once is an experience. Even changing a shade of your hair feels and look different. Virgin hair, or hair that has never been colored or chemically permed/straightened is literally the best state to color your hair. It is pure and not affected by other chemicals that could alter your desired shade or style.

If you are planning to color your hair for the first time; here are what you need to know.

1. Picking the Right Color

What do you like for your hair? Do you want to go lighter or darker? If you want to go lighter, what tone should it be? Do you want it warm or cool toned? There are so many questions when it comes to picking the right hair color. Look through magazines and on the internet. Determine your ideal shade and pick ones that are close to it too. You have to be realistic, if you want to have soft and bouncy bleach blonde hair after having incredibly dark hair is a bit unrealistic.

2. You Don’t Have To Commit To a Consultation

Remember this, even though you have a consultation with your colorist doesn’t mean you have to do the procedure. The point of the consultation is to help you, the client to have the best strategy. The colorist will help you determine the budget, the right hair color, the maintenance and the time it would take. If things are not passable with you, then you should not color your hair. You should listen to the colorist though, this is their profession. They know what would work for you and how much effort it would take to maintain it. As a colorist they should want the best for your hair, if they are suggesting something that you think is over your budget or can damage your hair then you can disagree with them until you find a compromise. If they do not manage to explain everything to you or compromise with you then go to another consultation.

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3. Don’t Be Drastic

Changing your hair color for the first time should be like walking. You need to take tiny steps before running. If you choose to suddenly change your hair color into something completely different from your natural shade, there is a huge chance that you are not ready to maintain it or even like it. Take it slow, go for 2 to 3 shades lighter/darker. If you seem to like the change, then maybe you’re ready for something more drastic.

4. Trends Don’t Fit Everyone

Trends come and go. If you’ve seen photographs of your parents with 60’s, 70’s or 80’s hair then you know that not all hair trends work. There are people that can rock the ombre hair color and some can’t. Don’t color your hair with what is trendy, find the right style and hair color that suits you.

 5. Coloring from the Box

There many ways to color your hair at home. You can use natural dyes, household items and boxed hair color. The thing about DIY hair color is to NEVER expect it to be perfect, because it won’t. Coloring your hair isn’t simply taking a box of crayons and coloring a blank paper. You need to find the right hair color that compliment your hair, know the proper procedure and have the right products. Coloring your hair at home is great, but don’t expect salon quality results.

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