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How to Get Model Like Cheekbones

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Not all of us can be born with razor sharp cheekbones. As much as we wish we could change our genes and get the model look every time we wake up, it’s not possible. Thankfully the art of contouring, sculpting and facial exercises were made to help the genetically cheekbone impaired.

Some of the top stars and models in the world weren’t born with razor sharp cheekbone that can punch you. It is all about the illusion says the makeup artist. It’s all the diet said the nutritionist. It’s all about the facial exercises said the beauty gurus. The plastic surgeons say “hey, i can give you cheekbones to die for! Just lay in my operating table”.

Why not get the best of everything? Eating right, facial exercises and makeup can give you that model like cheekbones you aim for, if all else fails, think long and hard if you really want to go under the knife.

Facial exercises will help firm up the skin and muscles on the face, making the angles and structure of the face more noticeable. Here are some facial exercises that can help firm up your face and get you one step closer to cheekbone town.

1. The Nose Scrunch

Like the name suggest all you have to do is scrunch your nose like you tasted something sour, maintain this pose for 10 seconds. This exercise affects all the muscles in the especially the cheek area.

2. Pronouncing Your Vowels

Practicing saying your vowels like you are about to perform the biggest concert of your life can help firm the face.

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3. The Cheek Push-up

Place your fingers in the apples of your cheek and push it back, as if you are creating a creepy smile. Try to fight your fingers and use your muscles to pull it back into place. Repeat this step 5 times and rest your face before starting again.

4. The Fish Pout

Simply suck in your cheek as much as you can and create a fish like appearance. Hold this pose for ten seconds and release. Repeat this step every morning before applying makeup. Doing this makes the muscles of the cheek more visible.

5. The Creepy Smile

This is really simple, all you have to do is smile as wide as you can, until your face starts to hurt. This exercise will tone the muscles in your jaw, cheeks and neck.

Foods To Avoid:

A healthy diet can help improve cheekbone visibility. We don’t want foods that can make our face bloated and make  us look weary. Maintaining a balanced diet and avoiding unhealthy foods can help do the trick.

Water – technically water isn’t food, but dehydration and excessive water can cause bloating of the face and dehydration can cause the muscles to atrophy.

Fast Food – foods that are high in fat and salt can cause the face to break out and make the face swell. If you can’t stop the craving, try to eat it two days before you have to go out or when you have to get your picture taken.

Instant noodles – chemicals in instant noodles can cause bloating in the face and can make the cheeks swell.

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The Fake Cheekbones

The beauty of makeup artistry has created numerous beauty advances that defined our perception of beauty. A few years ago bold and bright eyeshadows toke over television and magazines. Now, the perfect brow game and perfectly contoured cheekbones are in.

Contouring the cheekbones:

– Apply a highlighter just below the hollow of the cheeks will really make the contouring pop out.
– Apply contour in the hollows of the cheeks and extend it towards your ear and temple depending on your face shape.
– Your blush on can help emphasize the cheeks too. Applying a light brush of blush on the cheeks can give the face light.
– Never forget to blend, blend and blend.
– You can apply bronzer (2 shades darker) on the hollows of the cheek after contouring, but if you want a more natural look to skip this step.

 Here are some of the well-known tips and tricks to creating your model like cheekbones.it’s always best to be proud of what we have, but there is also nothing wrong in trying to enhance ourselves. Sharp cheekbones or no cheekbones you still look beautiful no matter what. Stay beautiful.

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