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Important Disaster Preparation Tips

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Everyone knows that a disaster or a natural calamity can happen anytime and without any warning at all, however the real question is: are you prepared for it? You’ve probably seen television shows about people who dedicate their lives to preparing for an Earth shattering disaster. While one doesn’t exactly need to go to the same extent, those people in the television shows might be on to something. It is always better to expect the unexpected by planning ahead of time what you need and what you should do in case of an unexpected calamity. In this short article alone, you can read about four different disaster preparation tips that can be of great use to you and your loved ones.

  • Be Ready for Phone and Power Interruptions – A hurricane or a strong earthquake could easily knock down electricity and phone lines, making phone interruptions and blackouts one of the first things that to occur during a disaster. To prevent getting disconnected during a call, it helps to use the SMS feature of your phone instead of calling since texting requires lesser data. When you’re handling people who have difficulty with texting, like older individuals, it helps to provide a phone with a QWERTY keypad instead of a numeric keypad for efficiency. If you are a business owner, it can be hard to manage your business during a blackout. However there are several phone applications today that will allow you to manage everything through your phone. Buying your own generator isn’t always necessary since you can easily rent one. Make sure that you have several numbers for stores renting generators saved on your phone.
  • Be Aware of Your Weaknesses – Does anyone in your family have any special needs like certain medications that must be taken regularly? Plan out what are the things that your family cannot go without even for a week and make sure that you prioritize things that cannot be easily bought from a store, or those that will easily run out if the duration of the calamity extends to more than a week.
  • Be Familiar with Your Surroundings – One of the greatest ways to prepare for a disaster is to evaluate your area and determine what calamity will most likely happen within your vicinity. Is your city prone to hurricanes, earthquakes or tornadoes? If your city is prone to tornadoes, create an emergency plan in case a tornado should happen. If possible, you should design your home that will prepare you and your family for such a disaster.
  • Learn to Live with Less – Another great disaster preparation tip is by teaching your family to live off less with what you usually have. Even by simply camping out, this can teach your family important lessons and tips on how to cope through a disaster. Camping will also not only teach your family basic survival skills that are indispensable during a disaster, it can also be the perfect way for you and your family, or with your friends, to bond.
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Important Disaster Preparation Tips

Everyone knows that a disaster or a natural calamity can happen anytime and without any warning at all, however the real question is: are...