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Keep Aging at a StandStill

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The beauty and health industry has been a growing worldwide with products specifically designed to combat aging. Even Hollywood A-listers are cashing in with companies asking them to endorse their product which effectively boosts their sales. Many have claimed to have the secret in keeping the body in its youthful peak but none have been successful in reversing the aging process.

Nonetheless, there are some ways to slow down or keep aging at a standstill such as the following:


The skin loses its natural moisture and elasticity as we age. That is why the skin is prone to damage and fine lines become definitive wrinkles over time. It is best to deal with skin damage before it happens. To do this you must:

-Moisturize your skin especially the skin of the face and neck because the skin in these location is much thinner and more prone to damage.

-Hydrate as much as you can. Throughout the day the body including the skin loses moisture especially when exposed to the elements.

-Add collagen-rich foods and those that are packed with Vitamin A to your diet. These are known to renew the skin cells and nourish them keeping them in their optimal health.

Poor Eyesight

The eyes are sensitive organs and should be protected from overexposure to light, darkness and over use. Long exposure from these elements can cause the eyes to work extra hard making them prone to wear. This also applies to the lens of the eyes as they are critical for good eyesight that is why the lens should be protected from scratches and debris. Take care of your eyesight by:

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-Reducing eye strain by taking few minutes of break from using them. Close them for a short period of time and refrain from rubbing them.

-Use only the right prescription glasses if needed. When the wrong prescription glasses are used it causes strain to the eyes.

-Include lutein-rich foods such as eggs, kale and broccoli can improve eyesight.

Poor Memory

Normal brain functions are facilitated with the help of hormones and essential proteins in the body. As we age these brain functions can decrease due to several factors. Nevertheless, you can boost your memory by:

-Keeping your brain sharp by reading up, practicing problem-solving activities and such.

-Incorporate memory boosting foods such as nuts, blueberries and oily fishes such as salmon to your daily diet.

-Practice meditation as it has been proven to clear the mind and body of stress both internally and externally.

Aching Muscles and Joints

The muscles and joints lose a part of their mobility as the aging process progresses. This can be due to the reduction of collagen, bone density and/or muscle flexibility. This can be alleviated by:

-Regularly exercising. Start with simple movements and into more complex movements to make your muscle accustomed to such movements.

-Reduce inflammation of the joints by reducing your salt intake and keeping a well-balanced diet.

-Increase flexibility with yoga and/or pilates.

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