What Hair Brush Should You Use?

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Have you ever seen a professional hair stylist with their tools? It can occupy their whole utility belt and that’s not even all of it. There are a lot bigger tools that they hide under their bags. Even going to the salon you’ll notice that your stylish have a variety of combs and brushes in their drawer. These tools are essential to their profession. Each of these items brings a little something to your hairstyle when used. Some can help with straightening and others can help with the curling. One brush is better suited for a certain style or texture and one brush can be perfect for all styles. If you want to achieve a certain look, you have to learn to use the different brushes. There a hundred different brushes and combs on the market. Today, we will be focusing more about the different types of brushes and their uses.

It can get a bit confusing if you walk up a beauty counter picking out the right brush and finding out

The Paddle Brush

What does a paddle brush look like? It pretty much looks like how it was named. It looks like a small paddle or oar. This can also appear like a ping pong paddle with a square head The base of the brush normal length and the head is square and thick; it that can occupy a huge section of your hair. This is one of the best hair brush for everyday use and for styling. Paddle brushes are great for thick hair, thin hair, long, short, curly and straight. This is a great beauty tool to have and a must when you blow dry your hair. The paddle brush can be used when blow drying, long hair to get that even shine and volume. This brush can also speed up the drying process. This brush is also great for adding volume to short hair. The size of the paddle can help spread the air form the blower evenly and give you that desired volume and silky straight appearance. This is also a great when styling hair. Using this brush after curling your hair will give it that full Victoria secret waves. When picking out one of these beauties, opt for ones that have natural bristles and is heat resistant.

The Vent Brush

This brush looks similar to the paddle brush, but it is designed with bents along the side. This is a great tool for cutting down the time you use when blow drying your hair. The vents allow the air from the blow dry to be more spread out at the same time the shape of the brush concentrates it to one section. This tool can also be used to straighten curly hair. This brush is also great for adding texture to thin and limp hair. The base of the brush is made of metal that can heat up when using a blow dry. The heat will give the hair a smoother texture, straighten the hair and give better flow and movement. You can use this brush when you tend to style your hair a lot. This can save a lot of your blow drying time, that can help reduce the damage to your hair.

Round Brushes

There are different types of round brushes. There are different sizes and material. The smaller size round brushes are great for short hair and bangs. The thicker brushes are great for creating volume and waves in the hair. The natural wood round brushes are great for adding shine in the hair. It is also great for blow drying hair. Metal round brushes are great for drying hair, adding volume and creating curls. You can wrap your hair around a round brush to create curls. Plastic round brushes can help

Smoothing Brush

Smoothing brushes are one of the best hair styling brushes out there. You can tidy up and look and make it look silky smooth. It can even give your hair a healthy shine. Smoothing brushes are great for transferring natural sebum on your root to your hair shaft. When picking a smoothing brush, use ones that are made with boar bristle. This tool is great for any hair type. If you like styling your hair, this is a sure must have.

There are different types of brushes. Your need for each one will mostly depend on your hair type and how you choose to style your hair. The brushes above are fitted for different hair type and can work for different hair styles. When looking for a new brush, try one these out!

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