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6 Foods to Avoid and Why in an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

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Preventing inflammation in your body is possible when you know which foods to avoid at all cost. Many of us are not really aware that there are some types of food that can actually trigger inflammation inside of us which is why, being able to identify them is important. Chronic inflammation can lead to various health issues such as acne breakouts, heart problems, and even cancer for that matter.

Although inflammation is part of our body’s defense mechanism against organisms or bacteria that are wreaking havoc inside of us, too much of it can be a bad thing. So if you want to reduce inflammation in your body, you might want to avoid the following foods as much as possible.

White sugar

Did you know that one of the major factors that cause inflammation in our body is white sugar? Yes, those sweet snacks, treats, and drinks that you just love contain white sugar that not only adds to your weight because of the calories that they contain but also trigger inflammation in your body. The problem with white sugar is that it raises your blood glucose levels making you crave for it more and more. Although having some in moderation is not a bad idea, steering clear of foods that contain white sugar is still the best.


Another type of food that you should avoid as much as possible are those that contain yeast. Yeast is normally used in beer, bread, pastries, cakes, and the like. Those who are sensitive to yeast can experience bloating, dizziness, constipation, diarrhea, psoriasis, hives, depression, weight gain, menstrual problems, and even infertility. This is why you should skip foods that contain this ingredient to minimize inflammation.

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Refined carbs

Steer clear from foods that contain refined carbs such as white rice, white bread, and even white potatoes because they are actually doing you more harm than good. These foods are high in glycemic index which can actually make you gain weight while triggering inflammation. Reducing your consumption of them as much as possible can prevent several health related issues, but skipping them all together is considerably better.


If you are lactose intolerant, it means that you should stay away from products that contain lactose or milk in them as your body doesn’t have the capacity to break down lactose since you don’t have enough lactase to do so. Among the symptoms of lactose intolerance include diarrhea, stomach pain, bloating, as well as gas, just to name a few.


Unfortunately, your drinking days are numbered as alcohol can also trigger inflammation in your body. This is because of the negative effects that alcohol can cause to your liver. Too much consumption of alcoholic beverages can actually inhibit your organs’ function thus leading to various health issues from liver problems, poor digestion, and even elevate your cholesterol levels. Although it is difficult to go cold turkey when it comes to alcohol, reducing your intake to a glass for women or two bottles for men is much better as opposed to drinking non-stop. Red wine has good benefits to your health but again, too much of a good thing can still be bad for you.

Saturated and trans fat

Fats like saturated and trans fat are actually among those harmful to your body as they can cause inflammation to occur. Aside from causing your cholesterol levels to go up, these types of fats can also lead to inflammation that can, in turn, make you prone to various health issues like stroke, heart failure, and even trigger digestive problems too.

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