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8 Plant That detoxify and Filter The Air

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You can get certain diseases just by staying inside your house. Here are a few plants that detoxify the air.

There is such a thing as an indoor air pollutant and there is more than just one kind. They pose big problems in homes. Fortunately, you can make several small adjustments which can have a significant effect.

The most rampant of these pollutants are by-products of combustion, solvents and dust particles. Some of them are harder to eliminate than others which is why we’ll first try to solve the ones that are easiest to get rid of.


If you want to clean the air inside you home, you should realize that it is done in small stages. First, throw away the things that are not good for your home. All air fresheners are not good. The Environmental Working Group claims that very few producers give lists because consumers want to know. But the group points out that the term “fragrance” can cover a lot of chemicals, which were never screened against safety standards. They go on to say that if you have no idea what’s in the object you’re selling, it’s a big problem. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, air fresheners have chemicals that are harmful to your eyes and skin. These chemicals are so dangerous that one could die if consumed orally. The best course of action is to get rid of anything resembling air fresheners. Replace them with the examples we’ll be providing below.

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  • There is a machine that diffuses essential oil which is available in a Premium Starter Kit. It can make your house smell better and naturally rid it of bad smells.
  • There is a Do-It-Yourself Reed diffuser: Look for a diffuser, a few reed sticks, carrier oil and an ample amount of good essential oil.
  • Freshening spray: Put around twenty to forty drops of your essential oil of choice in a spray bottle. This is good to freshen laundry instantly. Purification essential oils is good to spray on garbage cans and footwear.
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There was a research done by NASA that looked into indoor chemical pollutants and the plants that reduced their amounts. The research found that plants’ roots and the microorganisms linked to them are a big tool in removing harmful chemicals from the home. The research concluded that these plants are great tools against organic chemicals indoors.


  • Peace Lily
  • Snake Plant
  • Aloe Vera
  • English Ivy
  • Florist’s Daisy
  • Mass Cane
  • Gerbera Daisy
  • Weeping Fig

Most of these plants are effective for filtering harmful chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. Some even target xylene, toluene and ammonia.

Note: If you’re not used to growing and taking care of plants, you should opt for tough plants such as aloe veras and snake plants.


  • Don’t wear shoes inside the house.
  • Stay away from scented laundry soap.
  • Don’t dry clean.
  • Throw away your carpets. A lot of harmful chemicals are in it.
  • Buy a system for filtering chlorine in your bath and filtering water in the kitchen.
  • Hire pros to take care of mold growing in your house.
  • Purchase paint that has little to no volatile organic compounds.
  • Don’t get artificial wood furniture. Purchase real wood.
  • Think about connecting a filtration system to the heating system.
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