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Reduce High Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure usually occurs when your blood pressure reading is at 140/90mmHg or above which puts you at risk of various health problems like poor circulation, stroke, heart attack, and even damage to the heart and surrounding muscles. Unfortunately, there is no one particular reason why a person’s blood pressure goes up which is why it is sometimes difficult to treat it. With that being said, there are steps that you can take to prevent your blood pressure from climbing too high.

Here are some to get you started.

Keep your weight in check. Health care professionals recommend that you maintain the weight that is appropriate for your body type to prevent your blood pressure from spiking. If you are carrying a lot of weight, it might put you at risk of hypertension. Being overweight can also cause more complications to your health such as stress in the joints, poor blood circulation, and even adding more stress to your heart. There is no shortage of possible steps to take when it comes to losing weight like going on a diet and exercise so choose a program that suits you best.

Lemon water. Another home remedy that you can use to solve your high blood pressure is to drink a cup of warm lemon water first thing in the morning. Lemons can make your blood vessels soft and pliable to reduce any rigidity that can cause your blood pressure to spike. The vitamin C present in lemons can eliminate the effects of free radicals in the body which is a plus.

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Exercise often. For you to be able to reduce your risk of high blood pressure, it is only right that you include exercise as part of your daily routine. There are different methods for you to workout such as going out for walks or for runs, or you can hit the gym with your buddy, or set up your own fitness gym in your backyard or basement. Regardless of what mode of workout you are going to use, doing this on a daily basis can be good to your overall health.

Garlic. You should also consider garlic as part of your remedy to lower blood pressure as it has been proven time and time again that it has the properties to regulate blood pressure and can even deal with your high cholesterol levels as well. You can eat one to two cloves of garlic daily if you like or add it to your meals to absorb its nutritional benefits.

Increase potassium intake. Another possible remedy to lower your blood pressure is to consume more potassium to help offset the effects of sodium in your system. Adding mushrooms, greens, and even apricots to your diet can achieve this. Fish like tuna is also a good addition to your diet as it is also rich in potassium. Your potassium intake should be about 4,700mg a day only to meet the daily requirements.

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