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Reasons to Include Red Wine Vinegar in Your Diet

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Everyone knows that red wine offers numerous health benefits, provided that it’s taken in moderation — that’s 1 glass per day for women and up to 2 glasses per day for men. Since it’s quite obvious where red wine vinegar comes from, the inclusion of this sour-tasting liquid in your diet can also let you enjoy a variety of perks.

Whether you consume alcoholic beverages or not, it’s perfectly find to take red wine vinegar because it’s non-alcoholic in nature. This means that you won’t end up tipsy after adding it to your dressing, sauce or marinade.

Let’s jump straight to some of the reasons why red wine vinegar is good for you, shall we?

Slowed Aging

Anthocyanins which are actually antioxidants present in red wine are known to help slow down the process of aging. Some of those anthocyanins remain in red wine vinegar, most especially in something that’s comes with superb quality. By the way, the age-defying benefits of red wine vinegar take place both on the outside and from within.

Lowered Cancer Risk

Resveratrol is another form of antioxidant that is found in abundant amounts in red wine vinegar. If the name kind of rings a bell, it’s because resveratrol is commonly talked about as it’s proven to be a phenomenal fighter of cancer. To help lower you risk of deadly cancer, simply reach for that bottle of red wine vinegar each and every mealtime.

Controlled Inflammation

All antioxidants present in red wine vinegar are powerful fighters of inflammation — the kind that takes place within and not the one that happens when you have a wound or an injury. According to scientists, there are lots of problems that can be linked to inflammation, and this means that you can dodge them with the help of red wine vinegar.

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Reduced Weight

Numerous studies done on animals indicated that red wine vinegar helped metabolize fat cells and inhibit the formation of new ones, too. When conducted on humans, the same results were obtained. So if you are trying to become slimmer, exercise on a regular basis and make healthy food choices — and throw in some red wine vinegar.

Suppressed Appetite

One more reason why red wine vinegar is very good at prompting reduction in weight is the fact that it can help save you from feeling hungry. Scientists say that acetic acid present in red wine vinegar causes food to stay in the stomach for longer periods of time. As a result, it’s very much less likely for cravings and hunger pangs to strike.

Lowered Blood Pressure

Did you know that obesity can put you at risk of having high blood pressure? Since red wine vinegar can promote weight loss, it’s something that can help ward off hypertension. Also, red wine vinegar contains some potassium in it. This mineral is known to help dilate the blood vessels and keep high blood pressure in check.

Improved Digestion

Since red wine vinegar is acidic just like the juices your stomach produces, it can help improve the process of digestion. This only means that your body will be able to enjoy more of those vital nutrients locked in the food you eat. Making sure that your body is properly nourished is one of the keys to the achievement of superb health.

Regulated Glucose Level

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Are you suffering from diabetes or at risk of having it? Then make sure that you regularly incorporate some red wine vinegar in your diet. It’s because this condiment with a sour taste is capable of controlling glucose levels in the blood. Based on studies, red wine vinegar slowed down the release of sugar into the bloodstream.

Toughened Bones

Numerous studies found out that the intake of red wine vinegar could help in lowering a person’s risk of osteoporosis. Experiments done on animals as well as human revealed that red wine vinegar encouraged the absorption of calcium in the gut. More calcium circulating in the bloodstream means more reason for the bones to toughen up.

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