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Signs Your Body May Have Parasites or Too Much Toxins

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Nobody likes the sound of the word parasites.  It sends us shivers and comes off as unclean, but catching a parasitic organism is something that can happen to even a healthy individual.  It may even be more likely to happen to kids who are sheltered too much therefore do not build the most familiarized immune system causing them to get sick easily.

Travelling to another country, hiking and camping or anything involving getting immersed in a new environment that is either fairly dirty or very close to nature increases the contraction of bacterial infection or parasites.  The immune system is challenged where it is unfamiliar and it helps to practice good personal hygiene, home cleaning and getting used to cleaner diets.  Parasite produce waste and other toxins since they are organisms thriving on you as both food and environment, or takes from your food.

 The best you can do is to help yourself first and map out how you eat and go about your day.  You would know that better than a doctor, although a doctor’s checkup would help in finding out about your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, platelet count, mineral levels and tracking for any suspicious growth or wound.  Still, it is best not to go for medication with unfamiliar compounds right away, manufactured medicine is too artificial and should be used in emergencies or as a last resort.  The answer is natural supplements, the other kind of pills with carefully extracted vitamins and minerals our bodies naturally produce and accept.  Go for multivitamins, vitamin C and B-complex instead of aspirin for example.

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Here are a few signs that you may either have parasites or microbial parasites or simply too many toxins trapped in:

  1. Stomach issues!

The most obvious tell.  Digestive issues says it all and reveals your hidden eating activities and lack of exercise.

A clean diet which is also balanced and filling nourishes the entire body so well that going to the bathroom is an easy daily task.  This is not attained when either diet or exercise is insufficient.

Stomach aches can be a sign of parasites if your diet is fairly healthy and the pain is excruciating.  It can be hyperacidity or gastritis caused by a lack of fiber which is an imbalance in the pH of the gut, a bacterial or viral infection or bad food.  Whatever it may be just keep continuing a good diet with lots of water, strengthening your body starts with your fuel.

  1. Feeling lethargic, easily tired and even moodier.

Remember parasites place their crap in our systems, our bodies become the waste bin of their toxins.

  1. Weaker appetite and/or weight loss of both muscle and fat.

At a rate faster than normal and starting to make you feel flimsier over time.

  1. Iron deficiency or the feeling of being anemic.
  2. Through exercising and dieting healthy, it is still difficult to fell well.
  3. Teeth grinding, especially when sleeping.

Ways to prevent and/or cure:

  1. Look after your general health, make sure you are fairly healthy at least, at all times.
  2. Avoid consuming foods, drinks and snacks with lots of artificial ingredients and too much injected processed sugars, added sodium, bad fats or trans fats (hydrogenated oils, not olive or coconut oil).
  3. Exercise regularly to strengthen immunity.
  4. Practice eating clean with lots of veggies and at least a handful of fresher, rawer veggies for optimum health. Do avoid sugar, especially processed sugar for it feeds parasites and affects one’s vitality and strength with abuse.
  5. Avoid junk drinks and inks, go for herbal teas and fruit shakes instead.
  6. Eat more raw things especially greens, peppers, garlic, onions with maybe hot, spicy ginger ale to wash it down.
  7. Stick to natural vitamin and mineral supplements instead of sketchy, mysterious medication.
  8. Eat more herbs and spices as well, in teas and food even or straight up chewed like gum.
  9. Create such a clean environment in your stomach with no toxins almost. There will be no processed junk and sugar and lots of natural fumes from the compounds in fresh herbs, vegetables, and spices will make a hostile environment for the bacteria.
  10. Vinegar. Powerful killer of bacteria and delicious to add to dishes or down it like a soldier.
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