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Tips for a Lighter, Less Visible Scar

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Accidents and injuries are events that sometimes can’t be avoided. Whether it be a result of clumsiness or dictated by fate, these accidents and injuries can leave marks that will serve as remnants of these unwanted events. These remnants are popularly known as scars. Due to its unappealing appearance, it can create a feeling of insecurity. Many people who acquired horrible looking scars are haunted and do their very best to eradicate or lessen the visibility of the scar. Once a scar forms, one will live with it all the time since it is already permanent. Lucky enough, there are lots of home remedies that can effectively lighten and make the scar less visible.


Cucumbers are easy to find, very affordable and are well-known in making the skin soft. It is famous in treating eye bags too. They are also good tasting vegetables that are commonly used in dishes. They are not only efficient on those aspects but they are also good in achieving a lighter scar. Simply rub a piece of cucumber in the area of the scar and it will significantly help reduce the visibility of the scar.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice comes with a wide array of functions. It is truly delicious when made into lemonade. Aside from it being a good source of Vitamin C that can help boost the immune system, it also has a capacity to act as natural bleach. And with its acid content, it can help promote new cell development thus making the appearance of the scar lighter.

Onion extract

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Onions are one of the frequently used spices in enhancing the flavors of hundreds of dishes. And with its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, onions have been used since ages ago for treating scars. It is capable of inhibiting the production of collagen in the scar and thus making the scar less observable.


This sweet thing is an excellent home remedy for scars. With its moisturizing ability, it can help in treating acne scars and other skin wounds. It is also efficient in stimulating the healing process of wounds and in treating scars due to its capacity to stimulate regeneration of tissues. Treating scars is as easy as rubbing honey on the scarred part and repeat the procedure often to see a huge difference.


Bananas aren’t just loved by humans and monkeys by its yumminess, but surely many men and women will love bananas due to their ability to lighten scars. Due to one’s eagerness to remove pimples, most people touch and pinch the pimple which can cause irritation and leave a mark on the face. When scars caused by pimples appear, use bananas to eliminate the scars. All you have to do is mash the banana and apply it on the location of the scar until it becomes lighter and less visible.

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