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What to Drink If You Are Trying to Lose Weight

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People who have just started their weight loss program, may find it hard to know what to include in their diet. To help you with that, here are some beverages that you can try.

Lemon juice with black pepper

Lemon juice keeps the body refresh and helps in digesting food, as it regulates and break down in the gastro-intestinal track. You can add black pepper to make it more powerful to aid in weight loss. Black pepper contains piperine that helps block fat cell generation.

Use lemon juice, fresh water and black pepper. Mix all the ingredients and keep it refrigerated. Drink at least 1-2 times daily.

Green tea with ginger

Green tea has 3 components that can help you in weight loss, they are catechins, theanine and caffeine. Theanine helps in releasing a happy chemical known as dopamine which helps in regulating appetite. Caffeine boosts your energy helping you be more active and for faster metabolism. Catechins on the other hand are antioxidants which slows down fat absorption.

Use 8-9 ounces of water, ½ teaspoon of ground ginger or a powdered one and 1 teaspoon of green tea. Put the green tea and ginger in a boiling water and leave it for 3 minutes. You can ad honey to make it sweet. Drink at least 1-2 cups daily.

The two drinks are considered great weight loss aid. Many people have succeeded in losing weight by trying them. See the results for yourself.

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