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Home Remedies for Nail Psoriasis

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Did you know that psoriasis can also affect the nails and not just the skin? Majority of people with nail psoriasis (also known as “psoriatic nail disease”) have skin psoriasis, too, and scientists do not really know the exact reason for its development. However, they are certain that it’s something that tends to run in families. Immunologic and environmental factors are said to be role players as well.

It can be very bothersome and embarrassing to have nail psoriasis. That’s because the affected nails tend to become discolored and disfigured, and also cause some discomfort. It’s also very much possible for nails with psoriasis to grow in strange ways, and sometimes they may fall off or crumble away completely.

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for nail psoriasis to date. There are various ways, however, to have complications prevented or dealt with. For instance, nail psoriasis that become infected with fungi may be treated with an antifungal medication prescribed by a doctor.

Then there are also various caring at home that may be done by an individual who is bugged by nail psoriasis. Here are some of the best remedies for this really bothersome nail condition:

Careful Trimming of the Nails

It’s very important for someone with nail psoriasis to keep his or her nails trimmed on a regular basis. Otherwise, the affected nails, which tend to be loose, may be aggravated and even fall off with any movement or scraping. That is why having the edges of the psoriatic nails should be trimmed regularly to prevent complications.

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Embracing Good Hygiene Practices

Nails that have psoriasis can be easily at risk of a fungal infection. It’s exactly for this reason why opting for good hygiene practices is of utmost importance. Someone who is suffering from nail psoriasis should see to it that his or her hands and/or feet are always clean. After taking a shower or bath, the affected nails should be thoroughly and carefully dried. Patting, instead of rubbing, is definitely encouraged.

Regular Application of Aloe Vera Gel

Everyone is aware that aloe vera gel is an effective home remedy for a number of skin-related issues. It’s also something that an individual with nail psoriasis may count on because aloe vera gel is highly effective in keeping the psoriatic nails hydrated and nourished. What’s more, it has antifungal properties that can keep a fungal infection from making things worse. Aside from the gel directly obtained from the aloe vera plant, a person suffering from nail psoriasis may also get his or her hands on a special preparation for psoriasis that contains it.

Preventing a Fungal Infection with Tea Tree Oil

A fungal infection is something that people with nail psoriasis should always watch out for. But when it strikes, they may rely on tea tree oil, which is known to have amazing antifungal benefits. A small bottle of tea tree oil can go a long way because it’s so potent that it needs to be diluted with carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil before it is gently massaged on nails that are stricken with psoriasis.

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Keeping Indoor Air Humidified

People with skin psoriasis know the importance of staying away from dry air, and that’s why the use of humidifiers is one of the most essential steps they take on a daily basis. The same thing has to be carried out by a person who has nail psoriasis — this can help prevent excessive dryness of the affected nails, saving them from worsening.

Having a Healthy Diet

It’s also very important for an individual who has nail psoriasis to carefully watch what he or she eats. Definitely, junk and processed foods should be avoided to prevent the introduction of toxins in the body. A well-balanced meal helps ensure that the body gets all the nutrients it needs for optimal functioning and health.


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