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Foods You Shouldn’t Add to Your Smoothie

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Smoothies are one of the best not to mention the quickest way of getting nutrients into your body in the morning as well as before and after you workout. Blending ingredients ensures that there are no nutrients lost in the process. You’ve probably come across dozens of smoothie recipes already but if you are one of those more adventurous individuals and would like to experiment on this drink, you need to know that not all foods go well in a smoothie. So which foods should you stop adding to this healthy drink? Here are some that you should take note of.

Mustard greens. Making a green smoothie should best be used for ingredients such as baby spinach or even kale for that matter. Mustard greens, on the other hand, can prove to be too much especially when uncooked which, even when you add a dash of honey, won’t be able to mask their spicy taste. Leave this vegetable for stir-fry cooking where its taste will work perfectly with your dish.

Protein powders. Most of us are too obsessed with getting protein to the point that we add plenty of protein powders to our smoothies than is necessary. Although protein shakes are useful before or after training, it is best to leave it for these times only so you can focus on getting protein directly from fresh sources such as lean meat and the like.

Raw beets. Although its color is quite pleasing to the eye, adding them raw to your smoothie isn’t exactly a good idea as it might damage your blender. If you are thinking of drinking beets, you need to peel them first then pop them into the oven for an hour at least to help soften this vegetable. Only then should you even consider blending this veggie for your smoothie needs.

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Dried greens. It seems that those who don’t like adding vegetables to their meals that much resort to adding dried greens to their smoothies. Although this allows you to have some nutrients into your system, keep in mind that dried greens are dehydrated which means that you won’t be able to absorb their much needed nutrients as they are already gone. If you can always get your hands on fresh or even frozen greens, stick with them as they are healthier compared to the dried options.

Fresh ginger. Don’t be fooled with those carefully photographed smoothies that contain ginger in them. Tossing whole chunks of ginger into your blender won’t give you that even flavoring but rather a shock of taste here and there. Always grate your ginger first before adding to your smoothie if you want to achieve that even taste.

These are just a few examples of ingredients that you should think twice before adding to your smoothie. Albeit these ingredients can add vitamins and minerals to your drink, the taste is worth taking note of as well as the preparation because not all ingredients tossed in the blender will be blended nicely.

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