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Nail Art Designs for Your Thanksgiving Party

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and for sure you will be quite busy with all the preparations for the festivity. And although you will be running the kitchen and making sure that everything is perfect before your family and friends arrive, you shouldn’t forget to think about how you’re going to dress up for your celebration. If you want to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving, what better way to do this than apply some nail art on your nails? Looking for designs to use? Here are some ideas to consider.

Stylish browns

Browns are often looked as a boring color when applied on nails but this isn’t really true as you can make some bold patterns with it with the help of nail tape. Just cut nail tape according to the design that you want then tape them once you have applied the base color. Once dried and you have taped various sections of your nails, you can apply the brown color to create patterns on your nails for an edgy look.

Wavy bronze

Going metallic for Thanksgiving will definitely give your nails a nice touch especially when you pair it with earthy taupe. Add waves to add more style to your nails and that extra oomph to your overall holiday look.


Ombre colors are just perfect for any occasion but combining reds with grey to give off that faded look is definitely worth trying. For sure, your nails will be the center of attention when your family sees you.

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Cranberry blooms

Too much glitter on your nails might be too early for Thanksgiving but applying some on your thumbs can add more charm to the cranberry nail art that you will apply to two of your fingers. Balance this look with white nail polish on the remaining two nails and you’re ready for your Thanksgiving party.

Diagonal glitter

Sticking with the basics is all well and good but if you want to add a bit of glam to your nails, go with the negative nail look. To achieve this look, start by applying a clear base coat on your nails. Follow this up with a glitter lacquer halfway on top of each nail in a diagonal manner. Once your nails are dry, apply a clear top coat to seal the color and you’re done. Your nails will definitely make a nice impression with your guests.


There is no denying that plaid will forever be a trend and guess what? It will also look good on your nails. Simply choose your favorite colors for the fall and create a plaid design on your nails for a more festive flair.

Abstract turkey

If you cannot resist going full Thanksgiving then the abstract turkey nail art is a choice you should definitely make. Use the colors of turkey such as brown, white, and orange and give your nails that turkey hue.

Gilded tips

Making your nails more elegant to look at is possible with gilded tips. Use gold lacquer for your French tips and pair them with gold bracelets to really set off the mood.

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Nude grid

Nude nails are all well and good but you can take them a step further by adding grids in contrasting texture. Apply a nude base coat on your nails then a matte top coat to seal the color. Once dry, paint a grid on your nails using clear top coat to give your nails added texture.

These are just a few nail art ideas that will go well this Thanksgiving. You can mix and match these designs with your outfit to complete your holiday look.

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