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Potent and Natural Cures for Sinus Infection

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When your sinuses are inflamed or congested, you have what is called a sinus infection. It can be caused by a lot of things, like particles in the air that you are allergic to, and ingredients in food that irritate like milk, gluten and other artificial additives.

Westernized practices approach sinus infections with antibiotics and other similar medication. Sometimes, in extreme cases, surgery is recommended. But all these procedures may do more harm than relieve sinuses.

We put together a 3-stage procedure with fourteen potent cures for a sinus infection. You might be surprised to see many of the things required just lying around your house.

Stage 1: Symptom Treatment

Even if sickness removal is way more significant compared to symptom treatment, the fact of the matter is, for sinus infections, we all want to feel more comfortable. So before fortifying the immune system for sickness removal, let’s go for symptom treatment first.

No to dehydration

Consume a lot of water (without artificially sweetened juices), hot soup and tea. They aid in thinning mucus and draining it from the sinuses.

Stay away from alcohol, caffeine and artificially sweetened drinks. Don’t smoke. These things cause dehydration, thickening of mucus and clogging of sinuses.

Dissolving mucus

Food with a lot of spices such as peppers and horseradish can be added to apple cider, vinegar or lemon juice to make a magical potion that dissolves mucus.

Activate the pressure points

Massaging your face can help relieve clogged sinuses and aid in your breathing.

Breathing in steam

Beat down thick mucus by inhaling steam. All you need is a couple of drops of eucalyptus or peppermint oil. Add them to boiling water. Bend yourself forward so your head is facing the water. Put a towel over your head so all the steam will be trapped within the area of your face. Breathe in deeply with your nose.

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There are also machines being sold that work specifically for this purpose.

Rinsing with salt water

Look for a Neti pot.

It can be very helpful. A Neti pot is a small gadget that helps clear you sinuses by getting rid of mucus or any other irritants in the airways. Using it 2x a day can significantly relieve your nasal cavity when sinus infections act up.


When you dry and grind the seeds and pulps of grapefruits into powder, you get Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE). If you use this via nasal spray, it aids in clearing mucus. It also has the potential for preventing other microscopic irritants and microbes from further damaging weak and inflamed sinuses.

Turmeric Root

Also known as ginger root, this is an amazing, great-smelling spice usually part of food from India and the Middle East. It contains a very helpful ingredient called curcumin which is both an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory agent. Adding turmeric to hot tea can aid in loosening mucus from blocked sinuses, lighten pressure in these airways, and simply put, make you more comfortable. This root can also soothe an upset tummy, which usually happens when sinuses are clogged in the evenings.

Apple Cider

When you pour 2 to 3 spoons of this kind of vinegar into warm water or tea, it creates a very helpful, anti-sinusitis beverage. Drink three times a day, and experience the thinning of mucus, and relief of congestion and pressure in your sinuses. You can add lemon or honey if you want it a bit sweet.

This kind of vinegar is an amazing ingredient with a lot of properties that can make you healthier.

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After relieving yourself of discomfort from blocked sinuses, you can move on to strengthening your immune system.

Stage 2: Immunity Enhancement

Here are a number of ways to naturally strengthen the immune system.

Vitamin C

This all-around favorite comes in many forms. It is probably the most famous of the immune system enhancers. Research has proven time and again that Vitamin C aids in the resistance of illnesses and improvement of one’s general well-being. Products with Acerola increase the rate at which the body absorbs the vitamin.

Cod Liver Oil

Cod Liver Oil (fermented) has an abundance of vitamin A and vitamin D, and the much-praised Omega Three fatty acids. When cod livers are fermented, the nutrients are kept safe. And because the nutrients are intact, there are a lot of benefits to reap. Getting clear skin, having a great disposition, and enhancing immunity are just a few of them.

Oil from Oregano

Only a small amount of oregano oil in your choice beverage daily is enough to make a difference on your well-being. It doesn’t just have antibiotics, and ingredients that fight infections from viruses and funguses, it can also be used as an ointment and applied on your skin. This oil can also be added to hot water and breathed in.

Stage 3: Contaminant Elimination

Hidden contaminants from the environment as well as food may be playing a role when sinus infections increase in frequency. Below is a list of possible contaminants and ways to get rid of them.

Allergens Inside the Home

Airborne contaminants such as dust, pollen, particles from animals and mold can lead to infection of sinuses. Upgrading air filters is one easy way to get rid of them. Maintain your filters by replacing the filter itself monthly.

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Pets should be kept outdoors. But if you really are a pet lover and insist on having them inside the house, bathe and brush them regularly. Don’t forget to vacuum.

Your air ducts can be a cesspool for allergens. Cheese cloth is a good filter which you can place at the vents. This has two purposes. It can stop allergens from going around the house. It can also reveal things that need to replaced in your air conditioning system.

Purchase an air purifier for places in the house you and your loved ones frequent. The HEPA filters and ionizers move the air and eliminate allergens. You can also buy a charcoal filter to filter the air or a gorgeous Himalayan salt lamp.

Allergens Outside the Home

Pollutants from the car and nearby industrial plants, as well as plant pollen can be contaminants. If you have prior knowledge about your exposure to such contaminants, wear a mask. When driving, always keep the windows closed. The car A/C should not allow external particles in. Air should only be circulated inside the car.

Contaminants in Food

Allergies to milk and sugar can cause infections of the sinuses. Avoid food that cause allergic reactions.
You don’t need to follow each stage to the letter. Experiment with the things you see here and decide what is most effective for you. You’ll know when your sinus infections are reduced. Good luck.

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