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Fix Unruly Hair Now

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Having wild, unruly hair can be frustrating at times especially when you want to have sleek and smooth hair to style any way you please. It becomes more of a challenge when the weather becomes humid too. For those who can’t seem to get their hair tamed, there are a few tips to get your hair done right. Here are some suggested tips by hair experts.

Choose a sleek hairstyle. When it comes to taming or fixing your wild and unruly hair, going for hairstyles that allow you to use gels or pomades is considerably better. Braids, buns, chignons, and even pony tails fall under this category and the best part is that they can be worn at school or at the office even.

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Skip using hairdryer if you can. The hot air coming from your hairdryer can actually make your hair look more puffy which isn’t really what you need right now. It’s better to wrap your head with a towel so that it will absorb any excess water then let your hair air dry. If you don’t want to style your hair, you can use the cool setting of your hair dryer.

Pump it up. Another tip that you can try when you have unruly hair is to use a volumizing mousse if you want to wear your hair in wild curls. First, wash your hair with shampoo and let it air dry. When it is up to 80% dry, use the mousse on the roots of your hair then blow dry upside down to activate the ingredients in the mousse. You can use a defining cream on areas that you want to put more emphasis on then apply some serum to make your hair shine.

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Styling products are your friend. It’s hard to tame your unruly hair without using anything but this is where styling gels, mousse, and hair sprays come to play. Look for products that are designed for frizzy hair to get the best results. Just apply a small amount on your damp hair and style accordingly. This will help set your hair longer.

Moisturize. Sometimes the cause of our unruly and frizzy hair because it has lost all of its moisture. If you always wash your hair, the best thing to do is to wash it every other day so that the natural oils can help keep the frizz at bay. Take advantage of deep conditioning and hot oil treatments to help lock in the moisture.

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Get a haircut. If you can’t stand the frizz anymore, you might want to look for a haircut that will not be too difficult to manage. A short hair may look tamer but you need to keep in mind that just because your hair is short you also still need to care for it otherwise the frizz will still be present. A professional hair dresser can thin your hair using special scissors so that there will be less frizz bothering you.

Experiment. If you can’t beat them, join them. I think this one works with your messy hair too. There is nothing wrong with experimenting on your hair style even when you have unruly hair. Who knows? You might find one that works perfectly with you.

Frizzy hair may be a constant source of dismay for you but not when you can follow these tips to tame and style your hair. Take advantage of hair styling gels and creams to control frizz and if you are ready to make some changes to your look, cutting it short may just give you the solution you are looking for.

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