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Health and Beauty Benefits of Lemon Verbena Essential Oil

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Lemon verbena essential oil has a sunshiny fragrance that will surely put a smile on anyone’s face. However, don’t assume that this pleasing-scented product from nature is only good for making the air smell nice. Actually, behind that super friendly aroma is a toughie that can bring about so many health and beauty benefits!

But before we check out some of those perks, let us first get to know lemon verbena essential oil better.

This essential oil comes from the lemon verbena plant, which has the scientific name Aloysia Citrodora. The said plant, which is also sometimes known as lemon beebrush, used to be native to South America, but time came when it has spread to so many parts of the planet where it is cultivated for a wide variety of reasons — from consumption as a vegetable to flavoring all sorts of baked goodies and beverages.

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Oh, the lemon verbena plant is used for all-natural healing purposes, too!

Having certain medicinal properties is what makes lemon verbena essential oil capable of providing a variety of health and beauty perks. Since you are now more familiar with lemon verbena essential oil courtesy of the particulars mentioned above, it’s time to take a look at some of the uses of this oil with a really lovely fragrance:

Relief of Anxiety and Depression

In this very busy day and age, it can be very easy for anyone to suffer from anxiety and depression. While there are many pharmaceutical drugs available for dealing with the said problems, mild cases of them are usually best dealt with in a more natural fashion, such as with the use of essential oils.

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Lemon verbena essential oil is one of the most commonly used oils for dealing with both anxiety and depression. As mentioned earlier, it possesses a sunshiny fragrance — this is what helps soothe the nerves and lift the spirits.

Pain and Inflammation Control

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs are the most commonly recommended solutions for various pains and aches. While they really work, their intake is known to come with many side effects and risks!

It’s exactly for this reason why a lot of people turn to some all-natural ways to control pain and inflammation, such as with the use of essential oils — and many swear by the effectiveness of lemon verbena essential oil in providing much-needed relief! Regardless if diffused into the air or massaged on problem areas after dilution with carrier oil, lemon verbena essential oil is something that can help make aches, pains and swelling go away.

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Nasal and Chest Congestion Relief

Lemon verbena essential oil can be very beneficial for individuals who are suffering from certain upper respiratory tract infections and are having a difficult time breathing properly. That’s because this pleasing-smelling oil is scientifically-proven to help thin and even expel excessive mucous in the airways.

By the way, lemon verbena essential oil is also known to help boost the immune system. Because of this, your likelihood of having an upper respiratory tract infection — like the common cold and flu — and going through some pesky symptoms associated with them can be kept to a minimum.

Management of Numerous Skin Issues

Last but not least, lemon verbena essential oil may also be employed for dealing with a number of skin problems. It is good for matters related to infections as well as cosmetic-related ones.

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Traditionally, the lemon verbena plant is used for treating boils and eczema, and that’s why the oil obtained from it can also be used for dealing with the said skin problems. Teens and adults alike who are bugged by acne on the face and elsewhere on the body may also count on lemon verbena essential oil. Dark scars, sunspots and fine lines can be remedied with the use of the said oil, too.

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