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How to Remove Hair on Your Toes

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No matter how stylish your sandals or flip flops are, wearing them accounts to nothing if you have toes that are hairy. Both men and women can suffer from such ordeal, keeping them from pulling off their open-toed footwear or going barefoot in places like the public pool and beach.

Fortunately, you should not feel mortified exposing your toes all the time. That’s because there are so many ways to get rid of unwanted toe hair. Some of them are cheap and can be done at home, while others are more on the costly side of the fence but tend to produce more impressive and longer-lasting results.

Let’s start with some of the cheapest and quickest ways to get rid of hair on your toes:


Certainly, this is the fastest and most inexpensive way to eliminate toe hair. It’s also pain-free, unless of course you accidentally nick your skin. So it’s a good idea to be very careful if shaving is the method you like to go for. The best time to shave off your toe hair is after having your shower or bath as it’s when those hair strands are easier to remove.


Armed with a pair of tweezers which you can easily buy at pharmacies, supermarkets and beauty shops, you can free your toes of unwanted hair. However, there are a couple of cons to plucking toe hair. First, it can definitely cause pain as each hair strand is plucked. Second, it can be time consuming as the strands are removed one at a time.

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There is one thing that makes plucking better than shaving, and that’s your toe hair will show up at a much slower rate. It’s for the fact that even the hair roots are removed.


You may also opt for waxing if you cannot attain utmost self-confidence because of unwanted hair on your toes. These days, you can easily get your hands on waxing kits so you don’t have to step foot inside the local spa or beauty salon in order for you to have hair-free toes.

Sugaring is just like waxing, although a different hair-removing preparation is used. On the internet, you can come across tons of articles and videos that teach how you can perform sugaring at home.


Originating from the Middle East, threading is an excellent way to deal with toe hair because even the roots are removed, allowing you to enjoy pretty toes for a much longer period of time. Most spas and beauty salons offer threading as one of their hair-removal services, so don’t be too shy to ask your spa attendant or beautician about t.


A lotion or cream called depilatory may be left on problem areas for several minutes to give its chemicals plenty of time to dissolve unwanted hair on your toes. Depilatories are usually employed for removing unwelcome hair on the legs, pubic area and underarms, but they’re also superb for toe hair.

Then there are also some advanced but expensive ways to remove toe hair, such as:


These days, a very popular method of permanently reducing (not eliminating!) unwanted body hair is with the use of laser. It works by exposing the roots of your hair to bursts of laser light.

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What’s so wonderful about laser hair removal is it’s very effective, and it can deliver amazing results if you choose it for dealing with toe hair. However, it doesn’t come with a cheap price tag. Also, there are some limitations as well as risks to laser hair removal.


Last but not the least, there’s electrolysis. Just like what the name suggests, the roots of unwanted hair are destroyed with the use of electrical current. Although electrolysis can make your toe hair go away permanently, it’s something that can be costly, time consuming and painful.

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