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Things to Avoid If You Have PMS

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Not all women suffer from PMS. However, it is said that about 85 percent of women on the planet report of experiencing at least one of those nasty PMS symptoms such as fatigue, acne, bloating, insomnia and mood swings just before their period makes its presence known, or sometimes while it is ongoing.

So whether or not you have PMS, there is no way out — it’s for certain that something about your period will ruin your day. Making matters worse is the fact that there is really no available treatment for PMS, although there are certain drugs that can help in relieving some of the symptoms it brings. For instance, you can pop an NSAID in your mouth for dealing with abdominal pain. Some doctors prescribe antidepressants to help with mood issues.

There are also plenty of home remedies for mild to moderate PMS that are perfect for women who like to combat the issue through some all-natural means, from taking a cup of freshly-brewed ginger tea to snacking on dark chocolate.

If you are being pestered by PMS monthly or you are experiencing a symptom or two, you may also dodge certain things to make the entire ordeal more tolerable. Some of those that you should avoid at all costs include:

Staying Awake All Night Long

Even though PMS can oftentimes cause insomnia, it’s important for you to try your best to get enough sleep each night. If you fail to do so, you can expect for the various symptoms you are experiencing to worsen.

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Lack of sleep is a form of stress, and stress is something that can exacerbate PMS and the various symptoms it throws your way. If you are having a hard time catching some Z’s, try some of the best home remedies for insomnia like drinking a cup of tart cherry juice, valerian tea or chamomile tea, or creating a more sleep-friendly bedroom environment.

Turning Your Back on Exercising

While being physically active is the least that you want to do during a bout of PMS, experts say that it can actually work to your advantage. Getting some exercise allows you to have much-needed energy, plus it also helps in restoring normal levels of hormones in your body.

Pick a routine that you find enjoyable or interesting, such as dancing, gardening or taking your dog for a walk. Make sure that you sustain the activity for at least 20 minutes straight in order to reap the benefits of exercising.

Snacking on Salty Stuff

One of the worst things that you can do when battling PMS is stuffing your face with some of the saltiest snacks that you can get your hands on, like chips and French fries. All the added sodium will only exacerbate one of the nastiest symptoms of PMS, and that is bloating.

What you need to do instead is include more fiber-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet. Not only will these healthy treats keep your digestive system running optimally, but also help in restoring proper hormone levels.

Not Drinking Enough Fluids

If you think that skipping drinking plenty of water will help deal with bloating, think again. According to scientists, failure to drink about 2 liters of water a day can only make that water retention you are experiencing worse.

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The more water you consume, the more water you will excrete — retained fluid included. You may also have a cup of green tea as it has mild diuretic properties. As a bonus, antioxidants present in green tea can also help deal with some skin issues that a lot of women usually encounter during their period, such as acne.

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