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Makeup Tips for Brown Eyed Beauties

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Brown eyed women have their work cut for them in terms of makeup because they don’t have to worry about what colors will go well with their eye color. Of course, there are some shades that will make your gorgeous brown eyes be more apparent compared to others which is what you should know more about especially when you want to make your eyes more expressive or dramatic.

To give your peepers that extra boost, try these tips out.

Know your shade. First things first, you need to determine what shade of brown your eyes are. Are your eyes leaning towards the black? Then choose colors that are in the medium or dark shade. On the other hand, if you have medium brown eyes, any colors will suffice. Those with light brown eyes should lean towards light yellow shades as these will make the golden flecks on their eyes more prominent.

Metallic shades. Like it was mentioned before, if you are aiming for making your eyes more dramatic or stunning for that matter, you should try wearing metallic eye shadows. The shimmer coming from your metallic eye makeup will contrast beautifully with your brown eyes making them quite irresistable to look at. This is actually the perfect choice for those night outs with your significant other or with your friends as your eyes will do most of the talking for sure.

Check your brows. Another makeup tip that you should keep in mind when it comes to making your brown eyes more prominent is to work on your brows. Your eyebrows have the ability to define your eyes even more which is why you need to get your brows threaded or plucked properly. The clean lines on your brows will make your face appear put together. Invest on a two-toned brow makeup kit and use the brush to apply brow powder evenly to make your eyebrows appear fuller. You can use a brow liner to make your eyebrows more defined but sometimes using the liner can make your eyebrows appear harsh.

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Natural shades work. A lot of brown eyed women skip wearing neutral makeup for fear that they will look boring. But this is not really true. Using neutral eye makeup can actually put more emphasis on your eyes. Keep in mind that the natural shades can enhance your eyes effortlessly so it is worth trying them on.

Use eye liners. For those who  have dark brown eyes, you can make your eyes more alluring with the use of eyeliners that are in the mauve or darker brown shades. Of course, if you want to make your eyes appear more dramatic, gold or bronze eye liner is  the best choice for you. Medium brown eyes, on the other hand, will find purple as well as green eye liners to create a more playful look. Try experimenting on eye liners to see which one works best for you.

Concealer is your friend. Late night? You probably woke up with dark circles under your eyes. Unfortunately, dark circles can detract from the brownness of your eyes which is why you should always have a concealer on hand. Apply a small amount on the affected area and spread it evenly. You’ll be fooling others into thinking that you had a good night’s sleep for sure since your eyes look more alive without any sign of dark circles underneath them. 

These are just a few makeup tricks that you should take advantage of if you want to make your brown eyes stand out even more. It’s always a good idea to experiment with your makeup so you’ll have a better idea on which ones will work nicely on you.

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