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Believe In the Finish Line Way at the Start

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So many of us are raised to be overly humble, to bow our heads too much and not take credit for enough. This could either be done by the job of mishandled words of our guardians, the people around us that we grew up with or even our own unhealthy or self-destructive self-image.

Don’t be afraid to believe in yourself and to take pride in what you already have and what you can possibly achieve. Believe in this despite other people doubting what you can and especially want to do, it is not their right. So get ready for these three words.

Act as if. Three words we may have been hearing around a lot from wellness articles, health gurus or chia seed and yogurt-eating yogis. They are three words that intend to stimulate a positive spark within to help you light up and wake up to the newer possibilities of you.

The saying exists for us, to remind us that pride is not always a bad thing and it’s that good pride that comes with the development of self-love: the most important love in the world and the most often mishandled one. Acting upon this positive idea will make you feel so much more vibrant, encouraging you to make the most of being alive. It is so simple yet powerful to allow yourself to think good of yourself and that you could do anything you put your heart, mind and of course physical will as well.

It can all take a while to sink in, but sometimes a lot of circumstances require blind faith for better and faster results.

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It’s not lying to yourself or pretending to be something to the point that it’s delusional but imagining yourself in a positive light, always desiring to be better. To be better each day is a great way to build up your life, the way we all should. It is a gift to ourselves. We may be so busy criticizing ourselves for every little thing and blaming our stress for every little thing when in fact the common case is that we feed our own stress until it grows and grows.

Feeding your own stress and stomping on your self-confidence is self-destructive behavior obviously, but like any such behavior and habit it can be addictive and should be stopped as soon as possible.

Now, now we always talk about opening up about your feelings and not being
self-repressed but there can always be too much of anything. Almost pretty much any journey is technically one where in you try to find yourself, so express your feeling to
yourself, at least most of the time. Self-communication is so overlooked and vital because self-love is often misguided and could easily be misdirected into dingy channels. We also got to suck it up and not let every bump and stone thrown be the reason to cry for the rest of our lives.

If you truly want to change you have to act as if you are already where you want to be.In this process when you pretend to a certain extent it is actually not a bad thing and such a way of thinking can benefit you in many situations in your life. It’s not being fake, but more like faking that what’s bothering you is not bothering you, or not as much.

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By trying to block off these excess bad vibes from our own selves you will notice that over time you are actually getting less bothered for real! Like when you know you’re feeling very sad, but the more mature side of your brain tells you to just put on a smile anyways (that’s not too forced) and you’ll be surprised how many people will smile back and how better you feel. Smiling is a great way to start off being less depressed about petty crap even tragic crap.

We usually rebel against these ideas even if we can’t really criticize them because there is nothing wrong with thinking good of yourself, unless you are a bad person. But remember to be nice to yourself and everything follows. Self-gift giving leads to general giving. Water your roots and give more fruit and everyone will admire your flowers.

It’s not your fault why you feel bad all the time and it’s really okay. We are not meant to feel sunny and sparkly every day. You have to cut yourself some slack, step back, relax and take responsibility for your own pain. We create our own monsters, we continue to feed our pain either given by someone else or brought upon by ourselves. This painful and probably long, grueling process will transform you for the best if you fulfill this spiritually bloody mission.

It’s alright to get soft at times and think you are so weak, keep in mind it’s never easy to admit your faults to yourself. We are programmed to be selfish, egotistic and overly shameful of what we have to face, it is human. But it is human to get past all these humanly challenges and try our best to be an angel. Releasing oneself to be a better person is treated like prison by a lot of rebellious souls that are actually charged with fear. Fear charges ignorance which can charge hate, our true enemy.

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The more you put off or delay your acceptance the longer you will suffer and continue to cling onto your pain for comfort. Yes, that’s true clinging onto pain for comfort, getting to liking it. And you may have been a masochistic fool for longer than you realized.

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