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Skincare Routine for Asians

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Caring for one’s skin is a must if you want to prevent signs of aging from appearing sooner rather than later and to keep any blemishes from forming. Truth be told, many of us are fine with just washing our faces with a foam cleanser to get rid of makeup then slap on some moisturizer then off to bed. But for Asians, their skincare routine is a bit longer than expected and perhaps, worth copying too if you have seen the quality of their skin. Here are some steps to get you started.

Use a cleanser. To remove the makeup you wore for the day as well as the sunscreen you’ve applied on your face, you will need wash with an oil, micellar, or balm based cleanser. This will help remove any makeup that you are wearing easily. Follow this up with a second cleanse using gentle foaming cleansers to get rid of any dirt, makeup particles, and other blockages on your pores completely.

Exfoliate. Exfoliating should be done at least twice in a month to help rejuvenate your skin. Choose a natural scrub when exfoliating to help bring back the softness of your skin. You only need to focus your exfoliating in your T-zone area.

Toner. After you are done with the cleanser and exfoliation, the next step would be to use a toner. This step makes sure that it removes any remaining makeup particles from the cleanse that you just did. The difference between Asian toners and the western ones is that the former is far gentler on the skin. The ingredients used too are all natural making it skin-friendly too.

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Sheet mask. If you want to boost your skin’s rejuvenation, it would help to use a sheet mask that is soaked in Essence. What’s great about sheet masks is that they can provide sufficient amounts of hydration to your skin which is important especially after a long day. This is best used at least twice a week especially when your face is too dry.

Facial oils. Facial oils are great for adding more hydration to your skin. There are several facial oils to choose from and the best part is that you can add a few drops to your moisturizer so that it will be easier to apply.

Sleeping packs. If you feel that your skin requires deeper hydration, your best bet is to use sleeping packs. These packs contain deep moisturizers that can sink deeply into your skin to work its magic.

Eye cream. This is pretty much self-explanatory. The skin around your eyes are quick to wrinkle which is why you need to hydrate and moisturize regularly. Just tap your collagen eye cream around your eyes so that your skin will be able to absorb the cream better. Tapping the cream also removes the pulling or tugging of your skin which also means less wrinkles for you to worry about.

Moisturize. Another layer of moisturizer is called for when it comes to nurturing your skin as it will help penetrate your skin better. This way, you will know that the moisturizing product is not only until the surface but can actually work its way deep into your skin.

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Night cream. Your skin needs all the help that it can get to remain smooth, soft, and supple which means that you will need night cream to finish your skin care routine. Keep in mind that your skin should be recharged which is why this routine is going to help you in a big way.

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