Sleep Better Every Night With These Yoga Poses


Sleeping better has never been this easy with these yoga poses:

1. Corpse Pose – Savasana


The corpse pose, focuses the attention on your breath and body, letting go of the day’s stress and worries.

2. Happy Baby Pose

happybabya-hilmar-hilmar_4Pull your knees to your chest, while lying on the mat.


Open your knees wider than your torso, with your hands place on the outside of your feet. To create resistance, press your feet into your hands, while pulling down on feet. Breathe deeply, holding up for about a minute.

3. Left Nostril Breathing – Surya Bhedana


You can lie down on your right side or sit up crossed-legged to try this relaxing breathing exercise. Cover your right nostril using your thumb while extending the fingers out. Then take 5-10 deep breathes out of your left nostril.

4. Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose – Viparita Karani


With one side of your body grazing the wall, sit on the floor. While keeping your legs straight, swing your legs up against the wall and slowly lower your back and head to the floor. Let your hands fall to the sides, with your palms facing up. Breathe deeply while relaxing into the pose and hold for 1-5 minutes.

5. Easy Forward Bend – Sukhasana variation


The forward bend pose is a great pose to try before bedtime. This is even accessible to beginners. This pose let the hips open up and eases tension, creating an overall sense of ease in the body.

One thing to remember, if you’re tight in the hips, you can try sitting on top of a pillow to make it more relaxing.

6. Child’s Pose –¬†Balasana



While kneeling on your mat, keep your big toes touching and knees spread mat-width apart.



Bring your forehead to rest on the mat while extending your arm, then lower your torso between knees. Then breathe deeply while holding up for a minute or longer.

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