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7 Beauty Tricks You Should Try With Coconut Oil

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Below are 7 beauty DIY beauty tricks you can try with coconut oil:

1. To Shave Your Legs

Coconut oil is natural, inexpensive and an antimicrobial alternative shaving cream for your legs and even underarms. Its skin-soothing properties will also keep your legs hydrated.

2. Eye Makeup Remover

Coconut oil breaks down your eye makeup, leaving the delicate area hydrated as well. You can even use it on your waterproof mascara.

Put a little amount on a cotton ball and gently sweep over your eyes. Once done, wash your face as you normally would.

3. Moisturizing Lips

Just spread coconut oil over your lips before bedtime to hydrate them and to heal chapped lips caused by cold and dry weather.

4. Preventing Wrinkles

To help prevent under-eye bags and wrinkles, use coconut oil under your eyes.

5. Cheekbone Highlighter

To use coconut oil as a highlighter, sweep a small amount on top of your makeup and then leave it. This will give your skin more glow than usual.

6. Relieving Sunburn

Applying coconut oil after sun exposure can help relieve your skin from sunburn.

7. Soothe Dry Hands

Coconut oil can work its wonder into you dry and parched hands, mostly from dish washing liquid or soap. Put a little amount of extra virgin coconut oil into your hands to keep them moist and soft.

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