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Natural Fixes for Tea Stains on Teeth

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Do you love drinking tea and the many, many healthy benefits it offers but hate the fact that it leaves your pearly whites discolored? Then this article is made just for you — it will let you know some of the best home remedies for those unsightly tea stains on your teeth.

But first let’s discuss why the consumption of tea can leave your teeth either yellowish or brownish.

You see, your choppers actually have fine ridges on them. Each time you consume tea, some of the pigments naturally occurring in your favorite beverage end up deposited in between those ridges. And also, tea contains what’s known as tannic acid, and it can cause tiny pores to form on the surface of your pearly whites — and those pores accumulate pigments in tea, too, resulting in a very noticeable staining.

Since tea generally contains more tannic acid than coffee, it only means that the herbal drink of choice can stain your teeth more than coffee does!

But there is no need to turn your back on tea because there are so many simple and effective ways to get rid of those nasty stains that leave your smile looking less than perfect. So if you’re an avid tea drinker, continue reading. The following are some of the best solutions for those tea stains on your choppers:

Brush With Baking Soda

Once or twice a day, dunk your damp toothbrush in a box of baking soda and start gently brushing your teeth. Baking soda serves as an exfoliating agent that gently scrubs off those tea stains that have accumulated on the surface of your teeth. Just remember to brush as gently as you can to prevent damaging your teeth and gums, too.

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Snack on Some Strawberries

Want to get rid of those tea stains on your pearly whites in a really healthy and delicious manner? Then snack on a handful of fresh strawberries — doing this allows the mild acidity of strawberries to dissolve those nasty tea stains. As a bonus, you get to strengthen your gums in the process as strawberries are loaded with vitamin C.

Or Use an Orange Peel

Before hitting the hay, grab an orange peel and start rubbing it on your teeth, with the flesh side facing downwards. Doing this helps break up those marks that tea consumption tends to leave behind on your pearly whites. In addition, orange peel also polishes your teeth, and supplies and strengthens them with calcium.

Munch on an Apple or Pear

You may also simply reach for an apple or pear and enjoy it to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth — the crunchier and juicer the apple or pear, the better. All the biting and masticating action helps gently erase the stains that have collected on your teeth throughout your love affair with tea.

Combine Charcoal and Salt

Finally, you may combine equal amounts of powdered charcoal and salt if you want an effective way to eliminate tea stains on your teeth. Every other day, use this as a replacement for your toothpaste. But be very gentle and careful when employing this home remedy — you don’t want to erode your teeth and graze your gums!

Have you heard of any other all-natural remedy for tea stains on teeth? Feel free to share it in the comments section below. And also, kindly have this article reposted online!

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