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Weave Mishaps to Avoid

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One of the most amazing invention in the hair industry are weaves. Where can we be without them? It can make us feel glamorous instantly. You can make thin hair look thicker in an instant. Though, without knowing the right steps to using weaves you can make yourself look like a hot mess.

Weaves need to be properly cared for and applied. If placed in the wrong areas, you can end up with visible tracks, bad blending and so on. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when wearing a weave. Learn the most common weave mishaps and how to avoid them below.

Tracks Start To Show

When your weave isn’t placed in the right area, the tracks will start to show. The whole trick of using weave is to hide it and make your hair appear thicker or longer than it really is. A good set of weave can help boost your confidence and help you switch up your style or look for the day. It’s difficult to hide sewn in tracks that aren’t properly placed. When you start to notice your sewn in tract its best to go to your salon, they should be able to help you hide the tracks. This happens when the weave is attached in the wrong area. When the weave is attached to the leave out or curtain (real hair that is supposed to cover the weave or installation) the track will start to show when not styled. The only way you can actually fix this is to remove the installation completely and place it on the right area.

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Your Real Hair Start to Peak Out

When the edges of your real hair start to show and the separation of your weave and real hair is obvious, then it’s time to get the installation out. These can be caused by a number of reasons. When the installation is too tight on the edges the hairline will start to recede and damage some of the hairs from the edge. This will be easily noticeable since this can make your weave appear like a wig or when you’re the edge of your hair start to break. It’s important to know that hair isn’t supposed to hurt after it has been installed. When you still experience pain after your installation, go back to your salon and ask them to fix the problem to prevent further damage.

It Starts To Come Undone

Weaves are supposed to last for about two to three months or more. If it starts to come undone after a few weeks of installation, it means that it needs to be tightened. If you notice that your weave coming undone go back to your salon. Most hair stylists will tighten the weave when they wash it. Make sure to make your appointment every few weeks to keep it intact. Never try to do it on your own, this may cause further hair damage.

Stringy Hair

When your hair starts to look stringy and dry. This is a simple problem that can be fixed by simply washing the weave. Like your real hair, weaves can become dry, dirty and smelly. Your natural oils can stick to your weave, bad scents from every day can stick to it, unwanted debris can come in contact with it and so on. Like real hair, weaves need regular washing too. When your real and weave starts to look stringy, it’s time to go make your hair appointment. If you leave this untreated mildew and germs can grow in the hair and scalp, causing an infection.

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Weave Shed

When your weave start to shed profusely every time you comb your fingers through your hair. It’s time to replace your installation. There is a huge difference between synthetic and real human hair weaves. Hair extensions are a good investment.

Using It for the Wrong Hairstyle

Tracks will show when you style your hair the way it wasn’t intended to be styles. Some hair extension is designed to be worn down and some are designed for up styles. Make sure that when styling your hair, you install your hair extension or weave in the right place. Don’t install it against your desired hairstyle.

Weaves are great for adding volume and style to your hair. If it’s not cared for properly can lead to scalp irritation, damage hair and infection. It’s important to keep your weave clean and tidy. It’s also not a good idea to share or let other people use it for the sake of sanitation.

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