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Homemade Masks to Fight Acne Woes

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Acne is a skin problem that can make our lives horrible especially when you are not sure when it is going to break out. You’ve probably felt frustrated when you wake up and you see these angry pustules cropping up on your forehead, cheeks, and chin. Even if you apply concealers, they don’t really disappear instantly plus you need to be constantly checking your face for it. Medications work but why not try making your own facial masks to combat your acne problem? Here are a few remedies that can help you with this problem naturally and safely.

Egg yolk, almond oil, and honey mask

Honey is a well-known antibacterial agent that has soothing properties which is why it is commonly used in many face masks. The almond oil doesn’t leave any greasy residue on your skin and will still keep it moist and supple. For this recipe, you will need to combine a teaspoon of raw organic honey, one egg yolk, and a teaspoon of almond oil by whisking until you get a frothy solution. Apply it evenly on your face and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Don’t move or make faces when you are wearing this mask. Shower afterwards to remove it easily.

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Gram flour mask

Acne breakouts happen when there is too much dirt, sweat, and oil plugging up the pores of our skin which is why you will need a face mask that can draw out these impurities easily. For this face mask, you will need 2 tablespoons of gram flour then add some yogurt until you create a paste. You can add a few drops of lemon juice or rosewater even into the mix. If you have dry skin, make sure that you add 2 to 3 drops of vegetable oil to help with the hydration process. Mix the ingredients well then apply on the affected skin. Leave it on for 30 minutes or so then wash it off with cold water and a gentle massage.

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Egg whites, lemon juice mask

This is probably one of the easiest face masks that you can do for your acne problem. Lemon acts as a natural astringent while the egg whites come with nutrients that can help fight acne breakouts. You will need to separate the whites from the yolk then beat the whites along with the juice of half a lemon until it creates a semi-stiff peak. Place a hot towel on your face to open up the pores. Apply the egg whites and leave it on until it has completely dried. Rinse it off with warm water then pat your skin dry. 

You see, these simple homemade face masks can help smoothen your troubled skin so that it will look younger and blemish free too. The beauty of these masks is that they are all natural so you don’t have to worry about aggravating your skin further.

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