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Tips on Making Red Veins in the Eyes Go Away

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The presence of red veins can easily make your eyes, the very ones touted as windows to the soul, look tired and aged. Since it is your peepers that are first noticed by all when they look at you, everything else on your face, regardless how pretty, no longer matter to them if your eyes look ghastly because of those red veins.

Red veins can mar the whites of your eyes (sclera) because of many different reasons:

Lack of sleep 


Eye dryness 

Exposure to pollutants and irritants 



Eye specialists say that red veins in the eyes can appear because of certain medical problems. Some of them are conjunctivitis, blepharitis, corneal ulcers, glaucoma, iritis and Grave’s disease. If the presence of red veins in your eyes is due to any one of them, the remedy is to have the underlying issue managed or treated.

But if your eye doctor says that you have none of those, worry not because those red veins you have in the whites of your peepers can be dealt with through some very simple home remedies.

See which of the following can help make those red veins go away:

Artificial Tears

You can easily get your hands on a small bottle of artificial tears, drops of which you may instill in your eyes as necessary. The said product can help ease dryness of the eyes, something that can cause those red veins to appear. Have a bottle of artificial tears in your bag or pocket so that you may have access to it when you need it.

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Tea Bags

Have a couple of tea bags steeped in half a cup of warm water for a few minutes, and then stash the cup in the fridge to chill the water. Once chilled, sit back and place the tea bags on your closed eyes. Give the astringent and cooling properties of the tea bags time to shrink those red veins, making them so much less noticeable.

Chilled Spoons

Place four spoons in a glass of ice-cold water and wait for a few minutes for them to become chilled. Grab a pair, close your eyes and place against your peepers — the concave shape of the spoons should rest nicely on your eyeballs. Once at already at room temperature, reach for the other pair. You may also simply keep four spoons in the freezer all the time.

Eye Rinsing

Sometimes the presence of dust, eyelash or any other small foreign object in your eyes can cause those red veins to show up. What you need to do is rinse your eyes with distilled water. Just make sure that your hands and the bowl where distilled water is placed are all very clean. Otherwise, you will only have the problem aggravated.

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