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Are You Fond of Using a Hot Tub? You Might be at Risk of Hot Tub Folliculitis

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If one of your most preferred ways to reduce your stress or body aches and pains is with the use of a hot tub, then this article is made especially for you. That’s because it will get you introduced to what’s known as hot tub folliculitis. Fret not because it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should quit your use of hot tub.

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It’s All About the Inflammation of the Hair Follicles

Folliculitis is the term used by skin experts when referring to inflammation of the hair follicles. There are instances in which this skin condition is brought about by shaving, wearing of tight-fitting clothes and using personal care or household cleaning products containing harsh chemicals.

However, there are cases in which folliculitis is brought about by an infection. While mostly it can be blamed on bacteria, there are times in which it can be caused by fungi or viruses.

Just like what the name suggests, hot tub folliculitis is the kind of folliculitis that can be obtained from the use of a hot tub. No, it is not caused by hot water coming into contact with and irritating the hair follicles, but rather by a type of bacteria that loves to thrive in hot water, and it’s called pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Unlike most other bacteria, this particular microbe is capable of surviving in hot water. In fact, it can flourish even in chlorinated water, according to health authorities.

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You Can Get It Elsewhere, Too

When chlorinated water is mentioned, everybody immediately thinks about swimming pools. Because the microorganism responsible for hot tub folliculitis can also thrive in chlorinated water, you can also end up with the skin infection if you prefer to use the swimming pool rather than a hot tub.

It’s exactly for this reason why hot tub folliculitis is very common in children even if they’re not really into the use of hot tubs. Staying in swimming pools for long periods of time makes them highly susceptible to it.

The use of physiotherapy pools where hydrotherapy or aquatic therapy is being done can also put individuals at risk of suffering from hot tub folliculitis. Skin experts say that you may end up with this skin condition, too, by wearing a wet bathing suit for several hours and using a loofah when taking a shower or bath.

What Hot Tub Folliculitis Looks Like

Basically, hot tub folliculitis causes a rash to form. It may seem as though there are small pimples or acne on affected areas of the body. Speaking of which, the rash associated with hot tub folliculitis can appear anywhere on the body, but it is more commonly observed on parts that have come into contact with contaminated water and wet bathing suit.

Needless to say, the rash can be very itchy. Every urge to scratch should be resisted by anyone who is suffering from hot tub folliculitis. Otherwise, the skin may break and a secondary infection may strike.

How to Treat and Prevent the Skin Condition

The good news is hot tub folliculitis tends to resolve on its own in about 7 to 10 days, provided that you are a healthy individual. Having a strong immune system allows you to recover from it without trouble.

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Severe cases of hot tub folliculitis can be treated with the use of topically applied or orally taken antibiotics. On the other hand, mild to moderate cases of the skin condition can be easily remedied at home. Applying warm and wet compresses on the affected areas of the body as well as using one’s preferred OTC anti-itch medications may be done.

To lower your risk of having hot tub folliculitis, take a shower and change into dry clothes as soon as possible. It is definitely a good idea to ensure the use of properly sanitized hot tubs and pools.

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