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How To Pick Healthy Bread From The Supermarket

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Ever wondered if the bread you are buying from the grocery store is as healthy as you think?

There are many bread varieties and brands in the supermarket right now so picking the healthiest option on the counter can be a chore. And contrary to popular belief, not everything that has “healthy” on its labels is actually healthy so you have to be extra critical on what you purchase.

Here are some tips you can follow so you can make sure that you are getting the most nutrients from the bread you buy:

Choose 100 percent whole grain.

Always look for whole-grain bread. Consuming food with whole grain reduces a person’s risk of acquiring diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Do not just settle for what is labeled as “whole wheat” or “made from whole wheat flour” as chances are those types of bread are just made from white flour. White flour is made from wheat stripped of the germ and bran layers, which are rich in carbohydrates, fiber and protein.

To make sure that the bread you purchase is made with whole grain, look at the list of ingredients and check if any of the following are in it: whole oatmeal, whole wheat or whole rye.

Be wary of bread label promises.

The thing with labels on bread packages is that they might be just that: labels.

Watch out for terms like “enriched,” “unbleached wheat flour,” “wheat flour,” “stone-ground wheat flour,” “cracked,” “fiber-based” and “multigrain” as these are just variations of white flour. Instead look at the ingredients list. Manufacturers are legally required to list the ingredients in descending order based on the content which means that the first one is the most prevalent.

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Also take a look at the Nutrition Facts on the package and check the count for Calories, Fiber and Sodium. For calories, pick bread with 100 calories or fewer per slice, at least 2 grams per slice for fiber and 225 mg or less for sodium.

Test how dense the bread is.

Give the bread on the supermarket counter a gentle squeeze to see how dense it is. If it compresses easily, chances are it is not made from whole grains. Bread makers usually turn to chemicals to make the bread a soft or fluffy look which you do not want. Instead, go for those that are dense as whole grain bread is usually less soft.

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