Make Your Bath Time the Best with These Ingredients

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Have you ever wondered how to make your bath time more enjoyable? Yes, there are plenty of bath products out there that promote relaxation on top of having smooth skin but the chemicals that they contain might not be good for you in the long run. Sometimes, doing your DIY bath products provide you with better results which isn’t that bad.

There are many reasons why making your bath time a special one is important. For one thing, it will help you relax to heal your body. Secondly, it can make your stress disappear too. So how will make your bath time something to look forward to? Here are some ingredients that are worth adding to get a more enjoyable pampering at home.

Herbs. Too much stress at work? Gather some herbs like lavender, chamomile, and rosemary to help your mind and body reach a calmer state. Just get some dried herbs and place them in a cheesecloth and tie it shut. Place the bag under running water so that the essences of the herbs will mix with your bath water. Inhale the scent as you immerse in water for 20 minutes and you’ll feel rejuvenated in no time.

Oatmeal. Oatmeal has always been a staple during breakfast because of its numerous health benefits but did you know that you can also use it when you take a bath? Oatmeal should be your go-to ingredient when you’re suffering from skin rashes, skin irritation, sunburn, and the like. Get 1 to 2 cups of uncooked oatmeal and add hot water and honey. Let it steep for a few minutes before adding to your bath water. Soak in it for 10 to 15 minutes to get relief from your skin problems.

Salts. Another ingredient that is worth adding to your bath water is salt. Epsom salts in bath water can help exfoliate your skin to reveal new and healthy skin underneath. Not only that but it will moisturize your skin and relax the muscles especially after working out. Another plus to using salts in your bath is that it will help fight off wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Essential oils. Essential oils are just like herbs in the sense that they can help provide relief to tired and sore muscles as well as fighting off stress thanks to their scent. The best part is that you only need to add five to eight drops of your choice of essential oil in your bath water and it will be enough to achieve your desired results. Make sure that you choose the organic ones as those with coloring may cause irritation.

Coconut oil. Coconut oil has many uses that adding it to your bath water is a must. For one thing, coconut oil can make your skin feel smooth and supple plus it will relieve you of any inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. You can mix half a cup each of coconut and sugar to create an exfoliating and nourishing bath for your skin.

Apple cider vinegar. Don’t forget that apple cider vinegar is a must-try bath ingredient as it can help ease the discomfort caused by sunburn. All that you have to do is to mix a cup of apple cider vinegar with your bath water and soak in it for 10 minutes. This will remove any toxins and impurities from your body. 

These ingredients are just for starters but they all have amazing benefits to your skin and body. The best thing is that they won’t cause any side effects or discomfort to you unlike other bath products.

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