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10 Weird Facts About Lipstick You Should Know

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Women and men as well have been using lipstick for quite some time. But this makeup which has became a cosmetic must have, had evolved a lot since the ancient times.

Below are some weird and unbelievable facts about lipstick you should be interested to know. Scroll down below to read them all!

1. Status Symbol

Lipstick is worn as a status symbol in Ancient Egypt for both men and women. It is applied daily using wet sticks of wood and colors such as blue-ray, orange and magenta. But red was a popular shade.

2. Ingredients Have Changed

Sheep, sweat, ox marrow and animal fat were used as ingredients to make lip rouge. But an ingredient that is still used up to now are fish scales fish scales  and castor oil to boost your lips shine.

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3. Expiration Date

Lipstick also have an expiration date. But storing them in the fridge can prolong their life.

4. Liptsick Sales

Studies have shown that lipstick sales tend to increase during rainy or gloomy days. Sales are up mostly in Portland, Oregon, Atlanta and Miami.

5. Sensitivity

Did you know that your lips are 100 times more sensitive compared to your fingers? Now you know.

6. Staring Contest

According to a study, men look at women with lipstick on compared to women with bare lips. Men are mostly attracted to red lipstick, staring at it for an average of 7.3 seconds, pink lipstick for an average of 6.7 seconds and bare lips for an average of 2.2 seconds.

7. Smudge Free Lipstick

It was a chemist named Hazel Bishop, who made the formula for long-lasting lipstick. He discovered it while working in a dermatologist’s laboratory after WWII.

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8. Most Expensive Lipstick

Guerlain’s KissKiss Gold and Diamonds Lipstick which costs at around $62,000, is considered to be the most expensive lipstick in the world. Their original KissKiss lipstick costs only $34. This is because the bling and in this case, the tube is made from 110 grams of 18k gold and encrusted with 199 diamonds. Perks are you get to choose from 15 exclusive shades and it is refillable.

9. In Rome

In Ancient Rome, if you are a wealthy woman you had your own team of makeup artists and hairstylist called cosmatae. They apply your lipstick everyday. This is also the time wherein iterations of lipstick contained toxic ingredients such as vermillion, fucus and white lead.

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10. Types of Lipstick

Lipstick come in several types such as glittery or glossy lipsticks, ordinary lipstick, moisturizing lipsticks, chapstick, lip balm and lip gloss.

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