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Why You Should Add Nashi to Your Diet

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Nashi is a type of pear that is native to various countries in Asia, and that is why it is also sometimes referred to as Asian pear. Although it is definitely a type of pear, it looks more like an apple.

If you want to know more about nashi and some of the health benefits it brings, read on. Once you’re through reading this article, kindly repost it online to let your health-conscious family and friends know about nashi, too!

Just like what’s mentioned above, nashi looks more like an apple than a pear. The size and shape is very much similar to an apple, although the color is brownish yellow. But it’s not just the appearance of nashi that is like an apple, but its texture as well — it has the very familiar crispness and juiciness of an apple.

Unfortunately, nashi is not as sweet and tasty as an apple. It has a rather bland taste, and that’s why it is also sometimes simply used for quenching one’s thirst especially during summer, courtesy of its very high water content.

Even though nashi is commonly consumed for hydrating the body, it still actually offers a number of health benefits. That’s because just like any other type of pears out there, it is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider adding nashi to your diet:

It Lowers Blood Pressure

One of the many nutrients present in nashi is potassium. It’s for this reason exactly why eating it can help in keeping high blood pressure at bay. So if you are getting more and more tired of consuming bananas just to maintain a healthy blood pressure, consider switching to nashi from time to time.

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It Strengthens Bones

While it’s true that the amount of calcium in nashi is very small, it can add up each time you snack on this pear that looks more like an apple. This only means that regularly eating nashi can help in strengthening your bones and lowering your risk of osteoporosis. Nashi also helps in keeping your pearly whites more resistant to cavities.

It Prevents Excessive Bleeding

Vitamin K is also provided by nashi, which helps your bones absorb calcium more effectively. However, the said vitamin has another very important role played, and that is the proper clotting of the blood. Thanks to vitamin K in nashi, you are not going to bleed excessively each time you get wounded.

It Wards Off Infections

There are lots and lots of vitamin C in every serving of nashi, and that’s why consuming it as often as possible enables you to dodge upper respiratory tract infections more effectively. By the way, vitamin C is also essential for keeping the gums healthy, and your skin, hair and nails strong and beautiful.

It Helps Makes You Regular

Just like most other fruits out there, nashi is a phenomenal source of fiber. It’s because of this why having it included in your diet can help prevent constipation from coming into being. The fact that nashi is also packed with water only contributes to the fruit’s ability to keep you regular.

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