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Top Lifestyle Changes You Can Do To Look Younger

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It’s a fact—you can never, ever, stop time, or turn the hands of the clock back in order for you to achieve a more youthful-looking glow, better hair, and a younger-looking skin complexion. Also, you don’t have to submit yourself to plastic surgery, splurge on super expensive beauty treatments or stock a cabinet-full of lotions and other creams, either. All you need to do is work on changing some of your lifestyle habits and start creating a few anti-aging tweaks here and there and incorporate them in your daily routine.

1. Avoid too much heat styling.

Youthful hair possesses that certain shine and bounce. However, the constant use of flat iron, curlers and other heat styling equipments can lead to you having a head full of flat and dull hair strands instead which can add years to your overall look.

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How you can reverse time: Impose a twice-a-week heat free holiday on your hair. This can give your hair some time to breathe and get rested from all those heat styling. Let your hair air-dry as much as you can. If you can skip washing your hair altogether and use dry shampoo instead, then please do so.

2. Apply sunscreen protection each day.

Skin experts always preach on how important it is to use sunscreen on an everyday basis, even when the sun is hidden in the clouds. Sunscreen application gets to protect you from developing skin cancer caused by prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Slathering on some SPF love can also be one of the most effective ways for you to maintain a youthful-looking complexion.

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How you can reverse time: Using a sunscreen with SPF 30 is the gold standard that dermatologists recommend. Apply it each day, whether it’s raining or not. Use more than what you think you need. A rule of thumb: use a shot-glass worth of sunscreen
every single time.

3. Use lotion in your hands

The back of your hands has very thin skin, making it prone to faster aging compared to the skin located at the rest of your body. When dry air sucks the moisture off your skin, your hands tend to look older than they really should, that is why extra should be given to them. Use of lotion in your hands can be a
big help in battling any premature aging that may occur. Use a variant that has SPF in order help prevent any more sun damage from developing.

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4. Stay away from foods that can stain your teeth

Having pearly white teeth is a sign of youthfulness and good health. However, there are certain activities and foods that can contribute to the staining of your teeth. Smoking is a no-no if you want to keep your entire mouth healthy and your teeth white. Dark-colored foods like soy sauce and barbecue sauce are
also known to stain the teeth, as well as red wine, cola, and coffee.

5. Put polish on your nails

Are you aware that the part that can reveal your true age is your hands and not the face? Want to trick others into thinking that you’re younger than you really are: paint your nails. Apart from wearing certain jewellery, nail polish can offer a welcome distraction away from your other imperfections.

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How you can reverse time: To get that anti-aging manicure, choose jewel-toned hues (think reds and rich purples) which can provide a burst of color that’s not too intense.

6. Exercise regularly

By now, almost everyone should have been aware of what exercise can do to improve the lives of people. Exercise leads the way to better blood circulation, better skin, and a more active lifestyle. When you look toned and are in shape, you’ll look naturally younger and a lot healthier.

7. Be wary of your sodium intake.

Salty foods can make your body to retain excess water, resulting to you having a puffy look aside from feeling really bloated.

How you can reverse time: Ward off that bloated feeling by tracking down the hidden sources of sodium in your diet. Salt can lurk almost everywhere—in cereals, breads, deli meats, sauces, condiments and more.

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