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10 Ayurvedic Ingredients That Are Proven to Help Lose Weight

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More than ever, people are now becoming conscious of their weight. There are a lot of people who will argue how mainstream puts so much emphasis on looks. Nevertheless, we can’t simply dismiss it because the threat of obesity and other health problems associated with our diet are real. While wedon’t have to subscribe to the standards dictated by media, it’s important that we are healthy andwefeelgood about ourselves.

Being physically fit is one of the keys to both looking and feeling good.Nowadays, there are many waysto choose fromtobe able to lose all the excess weight. While different methods apply to different people, we can all agree that doing it the natural wayis still the best waytogo.

Instead of doing crash diets and resorting to diet pills, which will eventually take its tollon your body, why not try these herbs that have been proven tobe effective weight loss remedy? The effect may not be visible right away but rest assured that itis lasting, and itdoes not harm your body in any way.

1.Green Tea

It’s not a surprise that green tea can aid in weight loss because of its antioxidants content. Aside from that though, it also has thermogenic properties. It means that green teacan stimulate the production ofheat within your body, which can boost your metabolism. It also enhances utilization of energy and fat oxidation, enabling the burning of fats at a quicker pace. You can enjoy upto 5 cups of green tea all throughout the day. Since it also has caffeine, it’s a good substitute for coffee togive you that needed jolt in the morning.

2. Hibiscus Flowers Tea

Hibiscus flowers have mild diuretic properties, so that the water won’t hold on to your body and won’t cause bloating.

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Directions: Dry petals of hibiscus flowers on a piece of paper. Once dried, soak a cup of hibiscus flowers in 8 cups of water for a day or two until they have completely dissolved. After which, strain for residues and place it in the refrigerator.

3. Ginseng Tea

Ginseng has been usedin Traditional Chinese Medicine toboost energy and stamina, but itis also advisable if you’re trying to lose weight.

Directions: Add 4 tablespoons of dried ginseng root to 4 cups of boiling waterin a pan. Letit simmerforan hour, then remove heat and strain. You can drink a cup inthe morning and another after lunch.

4. Guggul Herb

Guggul gum resin is from the Commiphoramukul or most commonly known asmyrrh tree.Itis said to aid in weight loss due to its activity on thyroid gland. This results to a optimal increase in your metabolic rate. You need about 75 milligrams of guggul extract to make guggul. You will have to divide this into 3 doses of 25 milligrams each.

5. Grapefruit

Grapefruit can help manage your blood sugar levels to avoid metabolic syndrome. Having this syndrome will make you fat. Hence, consuming a good amount of grapefruit will help you lose weight while preventing diabetes. It is ideal to have a glass of grapefruit juice before every meal for maximum weight loss effect or atleast in the morning to pump up the fat burning capacity of your liver.

6. Prickly Pear

Prickly pear looks like a regular pear but is actually a cactus plant. In traditional medicine, prickly pear cactus is used to treat diabetes, high cholesterol, and other weight disorders like obesity. Because it can lower your blood sugar levels, the level of bad cholesterol is reduced and you get sufficient amount if antioxidants, which stimulates bowel movements and reduce water retention.

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Directions: Remove both ends of the fruit and slice its body into half. Remove the skin to reveal the pulp with copious amount of seeds. Blend the peeled fruit using your blender or food processor and strain before drinking. To make one cup of prickly pear juice, you need approximately four fruits.

7. Yerba Mate

Yerba mate aids in weight loss because of its mateine content. Mateine boosts metabolism and increases energy, enabling the burning of fats in the process. Directions: Put about 1 tablespoon of yerba mate herb at the bottom of your coffee or tea press. Add up to 2 cups of hot but not boiling water, stir, and cover. The coffee press helps the infusion and full expansion of leaves. using the sieve, the powdered small particles are also filtered.For 3 to 5 minutes, let it rest, the you can pour it into your cup and enjoy while hot.

8. Gurmar Leaves

Gurmar may not be as popular as other herbs, but it’s long been used to cure diabetes, obesity, kidney stones, and enlarged liver and spleen among others. Ingesting gurmar manages your sugar levels and improves cholesterol and triglycerides levels, making it an effective aid in weight loss. The ideal amount is 6 to12 grams of powdered gurmar leaves, but you may need to reduce this if your are diabetic or under any medication. Just to be sure, you may need to seek for your doctor’s approval.

9.Pu-erh Tea

This Chinese herb is considered a miracle herb for its capacity to help in losing weight. The tea can help stimulate and improve your spleen, allowing for proper digestion and absorption of food nutrients while eliminating excessive body fluid. It speeds up your metabolism, burning fat fast.

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Directions: Place the pu-erh leaves in a tea pet and pour in a little hot water to cleanse it of from any impurities, then discard water. You can do this twice over. After rinsing, you can now add hot water and let it sit for 2 minutes before straining and drinking.

10. Coleus Forskohlii

Coleus forskohlii, more popularly known as Indian coleus, is a member of the mint family and is cultivated all throughout Southern Asia. This herb is commonly pickled and included in a vegetarian diet, but what makes this an effective weight loss ingredient is the for skolin compound found in the roots. It reduces body fat and fat mass in men and also increases both their lean body and bone masses. This is why most men who do lifts and weights add this to your diet.


Risking and compromising our health to look great is never worth it. While there are other ways and products that promise to help you lose weight fast, going the natural way is still better. Incorporating these herbs into your diet may not give you instantaneous results, but they’re definitely safer and the benefits are numerous. To get even better results, you can include proper diet and regular exercise for a full-blown weight-loss project.

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