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Reasons to Eat Marula Fruits

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Marula fruits come from the marula tree which is native to Southern and Western Africa, and whose bark is employed as traditional remedy for the likes of diarrhea and dysentery, and also for the prevention of malaria. The marula tree is also sometimes called morula, umganu, mutsomo, jelly plum, cat thorn, and elephant tree.

Going back to marula fruits, they are succulent fruits that turn from green to yellow as they ripen. The taste they have is a strong tart one, and this is a clear indicator that they contain vitamin C. Wait, let’s have that corrected: they don’t just contain vitamin C — they are phenomenal sources of vitamin C!

In fact, scientists say that marula fruits pack 8 times more vitamin C than oranges!

But it’s not just the presence of loads of vitamin C that makes marula fruits really impressive, but all the other vitamins and minerals it contains.

Also, marula fruits have seeds that are encased in walnut-sized stones with very thick walls, and those seeds are actually edible. Those who have already tried eating marula fruit seeds say that they boast of a delicate nutty flavor.

And just like the fruits where they come from, these seeds are also highly nutritious. They supply the body with good amounts of muscle-building protein. They also provide healthy fats (not those unhealthy ones found in foods served at fast food joints!) that are good for the joints, nervous system and the heart.

Since you’re now more acquainted to this exotic fruit, let us get to know some of the reasons why it is a good idea for you to get your hands on some marula fruits if you happen to come across them at your favorite supermarket:

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They Make Your Immune System Strong

Earlier, it was mentioned that marula fruits pack so much more vitamin C than oranges, which are the ones that initially pop in the minds of most people when fruits containing vitamin C are being discussed. Because of the fact that they are so loaded with vitamin C, consuming marula fruits on a regular basis can really strengthen your immune system.

They Keep Your Smile Intact

Loads of vitamin C present in marula fruits are also essential for gum health. A diet that’s lacking in vitamin C, according to doctors, can cause the disease called scurvy to strike, which is characterized by gums that are swollen and bleeding. So if you want to keep your beautiful smile for life, make it a habit to eat vitamin C-rich foods like marula fruits.

They Slow Down the Aging of Skin

Did you know that vitamin C is actually a really powerful antioxidant? And this is why lots of anti-aging beauty products out there are enriched with vitamin C — the nutrient helps combat free radicals that accelerate skin aging. If you want to effectively slow down the aging process of your skin, regularly eat marula fruits.

They Strengthen Your Bones

So many minerals can be found in marula fruits, and one of them is calcium. Everybody is well-aware that the said nutrient is very important for keeping the bones strong. The inclusion of marula fruits and other calcium-containing foods in the diet on a regular basis can help in lowering your risk of having osteoporosis sometime in the future.

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They Help Lower the Blood Pressure

Consuming marula fruits is great for people who are hypertensive or at high risk of having heart disease. That’s because these highly nutritious exotic treats contain potassium. According to doctors, potassium is a mineral that helps in lowering the blood pressure as it causes the blood vessels to dilate, thus facilitating blood flow.

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