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The Health Benefits of Eating Rose Apples

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Before we list down the many wonderful health benefits of rose apples, let’s make this one thing clear- rose apple, despite its name, is not related to apples or roses. In fact, rose apples are actually closely related to the guava family. Its scientific name is Syzgium jambos, the rose apple comes from a shrub or small tree native to Southeast Asian countries. The plant species then spread to other parts of the world a few hundred years ago and was primarily used as an ornamental plant. The rose apple tree is considered invasive in that it can grow and multiple rather quickly, overtaking other local flowers and plant species.

Rose apples look very similar to guava, and at most times are mistaken as such. Rose apple however has its own distinct texture, flavor, and odor.

In cooking, rose apples are often bell shapes and can be eaten raw, just like apples, or can be used as an ingredient in many hot desserts. Although there is limited research to the utility of rose apples in medicine, there are a few health benefits that have always been associated with consumption of this unusual-looking fruit.

Rose Apples Nutrition Facts

  • Diabetes Management and Control

Jambosine is an alkaloid that shows promising effects in regulating the conversion of starch into sugar. This fact alone is crucial development in finding the ultimate treatment and prevention of diabetes type 2.

  • Digestion

Rose apples are known to have high amounts of fiber- a substance that is excellent in controlling the passage of food along the digestive tract. High fiber foods alleviate common digestive issues such as constipation and gas. In traditional medicine, locals use the seeds of rose apples to effectively prevent dysentery and diarrhea.

  • Cancer Prevention
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The active organic compounds in rose apples are excellent in preventing the development of certain types of cancer. When combined with Vitamins C and A- vitamins that are present in rose apples, it can surely prevent the abnormal growth of breast and prostate cancer cells.

  • Detoxify the Liver and Kidneys

If you want to clear out your live and kidney from toxic substances and compounds, you should use rose apples. It is an excellent diuretic substance that has been used in decoctions for detox purposes. It also boosts metabolic activity and improve overall health and function of vital body organs too.

  • Cholesterol Control

Rose apples are rich in fiber. In combination with other nutrients, rose apples are proven to significantly reduce the levels of bad cholesterols. Normal blood cholesterol levels mean that you are at low risk of developing cardiovascular illness such as heart attack, atherosclerosis, and coronary heart disease.

  • Other uses

Ongoing research studies on the medicinal benefits of rose apples give
promise as compounds found in them may potentially help in preventing
and treatment of symptoms associated with small pox, joint inflammation,
sore eyes, and epileptic seizures.
e using rose apples as part of a healthy diet regimen, bear in mind
that their seeds, stems, and certain cultivars are highly toxic in nature and
may even contain small amounts of cyanide. Be sure to get rose apples
from trusted sellers.

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