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Get a Streamlined Neck Without Paying for a Neck Liposuction

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There are lots and lots of exercises for toning, say, the abdomen or upper arms. However, you may spend hours on end looking for exercises that can help make the neck look slimmer and longer, and still end up with no good solution for your problem. And this is why a lot of women simply pay to get neck liposuction done on them.

Since it’s a cosmetic procedure, there are certain risks involved — this is true even if you are under the care of the most experienced and sought-after cosmetic surgeon on the face of the planet.

Worry not if you are unhappy with the way your neck looks and getting excess fat in it removed via liposuction is simply not a viable option for you. That’s because it is possible for you to enjoy a streamlined neck naturally. It may not deliver instantaneous results like having a neck liposuction, but with a little patience results can be enjoyed.

So if you’re ready to begin your journey towards a neck that you would be proud to flaunt with the help of glittery fashion accessories and plunging necklines, continue reading to know the things you may do!

Get Your Regular Dose of Exercise

No matter which body part you want to become slimmer, exercising on a regular basis is a must. Brisk walking, swimming, bicycling, dancing, playing badminton — these and many other cardio routines are excellent for melting fat all over the body, including your neck. So instead of daydreaming about having a slender neck just like your favorite supermodel or actress, get on your feet regularly and do some cardio exercises.

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Consider a Healthy Diet, Too

Exercising regularly to make your neck look streamlined amounts to nothing if you constantly eat foods loaded with fat, sugar and sodium. If you want to be spotted with a neck that’s a total head-turner, it’s also important for you to embrace a healthy eating habit. See to it that you include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet on a regular basis, and limit your consumption of sweets, as well as fat- and sodium-laden foods like burgers and hotdogs.

Maintain Proper Posture at All Times

Whether you are sitting down, standing up or walking, it’s of utmost importance to keep your posture correct — straighten your back, tuck your stomach in, pull your shoulder backwards and keep your chin up. You may not know it but you may actually be born with a neck having a lovely shape, but your poor posture is keeping it from being seen in all its glory. Besides, maintaining proper posture makes you look so confident, which many people find attractive.

Have Warm Cocoa Butter Massages

Regularly massaging your neck can help improve not only its shape, but also texture. That’s because it’s something that helps boost blood circulation to the area to supply the neck muscles and skin with oxygen and nutrients, while at the same time accelerate the removal of toxins. For best results, massage your neck before bedtime with cocoa butter warmed in the microwave for just a few seconds. Caution: ensure first that it’s not scorching hot!

Apply Egg White Mask on a Regular Basis

Twice or thrice a week, it’s also a good idea for you to apply mask on your neck that’s out of the following ingredients: 2 egg whites, 1 tablespoon of whole milk, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix and apply on your neck. Once your neck feels taut, carefully peel off the mask. This helps give you a streamlined neck because it encourages skin on your neck to become firmer, thus keeping at bay flabbiness.

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Have you heard or read about another all-natural way to make the neck appear slimmer and longer? Did you try it and did it work? If yes, feel free to post it in the comments section below! And also, don’t forget to share this article on social media to help others become better versions of themselves!

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