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Easiest Nail Art Hacks that You Can Try

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Women just can’t get enough of nail art now that there are quite a number of designs to choose from. Of course, most get their nails done by the experts but spending money every few weeks to change your nail art may not suit everyone’s budget. There are times when doing your nail art on your own can save you a few bucks which you can put to good use next time. The question now, however, is how will you be able to make your nail art look like it was done by a pro.

Fortunately, there are nail art hacks that will help you make your nail art design seem to be done by an expert. Here are a few to get you started.

Tape. If you don’t have any template on hand, you can always make one on your own. You will need some transparent tape and scissors with jagged edges to create the design that you want. After you apply the base coat and the nail polish that you want, place the tape where you want the design to appear and apply a new color on the available space. Keep repeating with the other nails and allow to dry before finishing them off with a top coat.

Rainbow sprinkles. For those days when you want to make your nails appear playful, doing some rainbow sprinkles on your nails is worth trying out. First, apply some white nail polish on your nails and allow to dry. Choose different colors for your nail sprinkles and draw some on your nails. Be playful with how you apply the colors on your nails. Let them dry before sealing with top coat.

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Go marbles. Fancy wearing some marbled nails? It may sound tough to achieve this design but you might be surprised to find that it isn’t that difficult to do. Just start with your base coat and your choice of nail polish and allow to dry. Apply another layer of nail polish but different color (choose a darker shade for the second layer). Get a saran wrap and tear a piece off then bunch it up. Dab your nail polish with while it is still wet. Repeat the steps for each of your nails. Once your nails are dry, apply top coat and you’re done.

Sideways ruffian nails. Are you looking for an edgy look for your nails? Then the sideways ruffian nails are worth trying out. This is actually a fun design that you can pull off easily. Start with the base coat and your choice of nail polish. It can be with glitters if you like, whatever you prefer. Allow the nail polish to dry. Get a transparent tape and cut small pieces and apply sideways on your nails. Paint the space near your cuticles with a solid color. Once the polish dries, remove the tape then apply top coat.

Bobby pins. Polka dots will look nice on your nails for sure if you are trying to achieve a charming look. You can get that perfect circle with the right tool but if you don’t have one on hand, get a bobby pin and use it to create the circles. After the base coat and the first layer of your nail polish have already dried, dip your bobby pin in your choice of nail polish. Make a circle on top of your nails and repeat. Finish your nails with top coat. 

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These are just a few nail art hacks that will give you better results when it comes to your nails. Try experimenting with these nail art tips and see how you fair.

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