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Should You Use Urine on Your Face?

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Everyone loves to try new things in terms of beauty but putting urine on your face must be the weirdest thing yet!

Do I hear a Yuck or Gross there?

In her book “Your Own Perfect Medicine”, Martha Christy says that “urotherapy” or putting urine on your face can help in the reduction of eczema, acne and other skin conditions because urine contains nutrients such as proteins, minerals, antibodies and vitamins. In short it’s good for all types of skin conditions.

But does it really work? If it does, then we have nothing to worry about because it’s natural and does not cost anything. Plus you will have a blemish free and soft skin for that matter.

Unfortunately, experts say that there is no research yet to show any benefits of urine but just the small amount or 5% nutrients it contained. Urine contains mostly water and a small amount of urea which have moisturizing properties. But experts say the amount of urea found in urine is so small it will not do much at all.

The bright side is, if you already tried putting urine on your face, it will not have any negative effects or hurt you at all. Its just not that effective in terms of anti-aging and beauty.

So until further studies backed up this claim, the decision is up to you if you would put urine in your face.

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