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Saba Bananas: Get to Know Why You Should Eat Them

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Saba bananas are very popular cultivars of bananas in many tropical countries across the globe. They are primarily grown in the Philippines, although they can also be found abundantly in various Southeast Asian countries and others outside the said region, in particular where the climate is predominantly hot.

If you want to learn some of the most important matters about these types of bananas, most especially the health benefits that they are known to offer, continue reading. Afterwards, share this article on your various social media sites so that your family and friends who are looking for new fruits to try may know saba bananas, too!

Commonly, saba bananas are cooked — for instance, in the Philippines they are coated with brown sugar and deep fried. In many parts of Southeast Asia, saba bananas are added to a variety of native dishes. Not only do they add a hint of sweetness to whatever they are added to, but also provide extra texture.

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However, it’s not uncommon for saba bananas to be consumed raw, too. In fact, experts suggests for these cultivars of bananas to be eaten raw to make sure that all of the nutrients that contain remain intact.

Speaking of which, saba bananas are just as good for you as other types of bananas that you are used to adding to your diet, such as lady fingers, Cavendish and plantains. By the way, saba bananas are closely related to plantains, but they look completely different — saba bananas are shorter than plantains, and they boast of a blocky shape.

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Let’s now take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider eating saba bananas:

They Help Lower High Blood Pressure

Just like more popular cultivars of bananas, saba bananas are excellent sources of potassium. This only means that they are very good at helping to keep high blood pressure at bay. Potassium in saba banana works as a controller of hypertension because of its ability to cause the blood vessels to dilate or become wider.

They Boost Energy Levels

Saba bananas contain excellent amounts of B vitamins, allowing them to assist in the generation of energy. It’s for this reason exactly why the intake of saba bananas can help you shed off those excess pounds — the more energy generated, the more calories are burned. So in other words, saba bananas help increase your metabolic rate.

They Promote Bowel Movement

If you are prone to having constipation, consider adding saba bananas to your diet. These cultivars of bananas are very rich in fiber that facilitates the evacuation of the bowels. Just make sure that you also consume plenty of water and remain physically active. Otherwise, you may end up more constipated than before!

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They Help Improve Digestion, Too

Fiber present in saba bananas also encourage the production of more digestive juices and enzymes, which means that it assists in the process of digestion. As a result, your body can obtain all of the vitamins and minerals present in the food you eat. Saba bananas also help ward off other digestive issues such as indigestion and the one discussed next.

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They Alleviate Acid Reflux or GERD

Anyone who is diagnosed with acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD can benefit a lot from saba banana consumption. That’s because these types of bananas are very good at neutralizing excess stomach acids. Traditional healers also recommend saba bananas to those who have stomach ulcers for relief.

They Lower Infection Risk

Saba bananas also supply your body with good amounts of vitamin C. As everybody knows, this nutrient is particularly very good at strengthening the immune system. With your immune system running optimally, your risk of ending up with infections such as the flu and common cold can be reduced significantly, say the experts.

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