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Anxiety Treatments without Using Medications

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Anxiety and fear can happen to us from time to time. Some of us can easily manage the nagging feeling of worrying, while others need a little more help to assuage their worries and their fears. Those who have anxiety attacks may require some medication to reduce their stress and to help calm them down, but if you want to try an alternative to medications, there may be other measures to attempt to help you control your anxiety. Here are a few that are worth trying out.


This treatment measures certain body functions, such as your breathing or heartbeat, and feed the data back to you in the form of lights or sounds. This way, you will be reminded that you are on the verge of an anxiety attack and must employ relaxing and calming techniques as soon as possible.

Chamomile tea

Another anxiety treatment that can help you feel calmer is chamomile tea. Sipping chamomile tea can reduce the anxiety that you are feeling as this drink contains compounds that work just like valium do.

Deep breathing

Practicing deep breathing techniques can help quell the anxious thoughts that you are experiencing as you are focusing your attention on the here and now rather than what will happen. In deep breathing, you will be letting go of all the thoughts in your head, until you find peace of mind.


Lavender is another treatment for anxiety that you will find useful in banishing those thoughts that are keeping you awake at night. You can diffuse some lavender essential oils in your bedroom before you go to sleep, so you will be able to feel calmer and more relaxed.

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These are just a few examples of how you can treat your anxiety problems without using medications at all.

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