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Fight Cancer with This Beverage Out of Two Cheap Ingredients

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Chemotherapy and radiation therapy — these are some of the most common medical treatments for cancer. However, they do not come cheap, plus they tend to come with all sorts of side effects. What if you can actually fight off cancer with something that costs a tiny fraction of these treatments and yields no unfavorable side effect?

Such is possible with a beverage that is made up of only a couple of ingredients, both of which you can obtain at the local supermarket without breaking the bank. What are they? Lemon juice and baking soda!

The fact is each of these ingredients is capable of battling cancer in an assortment of ways. By mixing them, their anticancer properties combine, resulting in a beverage that is said to be very effective against various types of cancer — up to 12 different ones, say its proponents! They add that the combination of lemon juice and baking soda is 10,000 more potent in preventing the spreading of cancer cells than conventional cancer treatments mentioned earlier!

Discussing how lemon juice and baking soda can individually fight off cancer is a great idea. Once you are acquainted with them, it will be easier to grasp the fact that bringing them together makes for a powerful anticancer solution!


How Lemon Juice Helps Fight Off Cancer

  • It contains antioxidants that neutralize excess free radicals. Cancer can stem from normal healthy cells being damaged by free radicals. So before excess amounts of those cancer-causing molecules have the chance to wreak havoc to cells, allow loads of antioxidants in lemon juice to zap them!
  • It helps put inflammation under control. We all know that inflammation, in particular the chronic type, is bad news. Experts say that uncontrolled inflammation may eventually cause damage to the DNA, something that may lead to cancer formation. This is why lemon juice is very good at warding off cancer — it has superb anti-inflammatory properties that can help in managing inflammation, keeping it from damaging the DNA and potentially causing cancer.
  • It makes your immune system effective at dealing with infections. Everyone is aware that a strong immune system helps shield you from infections. But did you know that it can also help lower your risk of cancer? According to experts, some forms of infections can actually give rise to cancer. By having a strong immune system, you can lower your risk of having infections that can trigger cancer, thus keeping at bay deadly cancer from starting!
  • It normalizes the body’s pH level. Although it’s true that lemon juice is acidic, the fact is it becomes alkaline once it’s inside your body. It’s due to this reason exactly why lemon juice can help defeat cancer — it takes the body’s pH level to a more alkaline one from an acidic one, which can pave the way for cancer, experts say.
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How Baking Soda Helps Prevent Cancer

  • It helps remove toxins trapped within. According to experts, baking soda is very good at neutralizing poisonous substances that have accumulated in the body. You certainly don’t want toxins to be trapped in you as they may actually trigger cancer formation by causing damage to your healthy cells.
  • It makes the pH level of your body alkaline. Earlier, it was mentioned that one of the ways through which lemon juice can combat cancer is by regulating the pH level. Well, baking soda is actually superb at making the body alkaline — it’s alkaline itself! This is the reason why baking soda can keep cancer from forming in the first place. By the way, an alkaline environment within can also help slow down the spreading of cancer cells because what gives them energy to multiply rapidly is an acidic pH level.

So how do you make a cancer-fighting beverage out of lemon juice and baking soda? Simply dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of freshly-squeezed lemon juice (preferably from organic lemons) and consume first thing in the morning. That’s how simple it is to combat cancer!

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