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Walk Proud in High Heels With These 9 Tips Every Woman Must Know

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High heels make women stand taller and gives that extra boost of confidence. They are not just considered to be a woman’s best friend or pal.

Walking in high heels can be a little tricky or difficult but fear not for the helpful tips below will surely help you to be confident in wearing that heels!

1. Know Your Size

First of all you have to make sure that what you are wearing is your proper size. Experts say that your foot size may change over the years, so have it re-sized.

2. Practice Practice!

First practice on a pair of heels that you love. After some time you will get the hang of it. Try a smaller heels first, then go for the height of heels that you like!

3. Take Small Steps

Take small steps and be careful not to overexert yourself with those quick and long strides.

4. Be Conscious of the Rest of Your Body

You must always remember that walking with grace and poise in heels is a head-to-toe experience. Relax your whole body, starting with your knees and hips. Keep your shoulders back, engage your abs and most importantly hold your chin or head up high.

5. Take Some Rest

Allow your feet to rest. It is better to seat now and then. Be sure to sit with your legs crossed so they can view your shoes.

6. Go for the Sturdy Shoes

This is your feet we are talking about. So as much as possible go for the style you like but make sure it is made of sturdy and good materials. A bit of platform and thicker sole will help you with the pressure when walking.

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7. Slip On Your Favorite

We all have our favorites! This applies to your shoes as well. Slip on you favorite heels and practice walking in them. This will make if more fun because you are wearing what you really like!

8. Accidents Happen!

Accidents do happen every once in while. If you take a fall, just get up. Keep on walking and wear your heels proudly!

9. Scratch with Sandpaper

Always remember to scratch the bottom of your shoes or soles with sandpaper. This will give you extra traction when walking.

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