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6 Amazing Benefits of Kickboxing

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Kickboxing started off as a competitive sport but later on, fitness experts have discovered that it has numerous health benefits. For those who are looking forward to trying something new this year in terms of fitness, you might want to consider kickboxing as this sport is a combination of punches and kicks that will not only tone your muscles but strengthen your core as well.

So what makes kickboxing an exercise program to consider for your fitness routine? Here are six of its amazing benefits.

  1. Better flexibility. Before you start your kick boxing workout, you will always have to start with a warm up class. Here you will be performing several stretches for your shoulders and hips so that it will be easier for you to throw punches and kicks as instructed.
  2. Stronger core. Another advantage of kickboxing is having a stronger core. Your core muscles generate energy that your body needs to perform each punch and kick with power. What’s more, having a strong core means better posture too and less chances of getting injured.
  3. Improves mental health. Most people focus on the physical benefits of doing kickboxing but there are other advantages to this routine and that is having better mental health. Remember those times when you go home from work and you just feel so frustrated that you want to kick or hit something? Well, kickboxing allows you to blow off steam with combinations of punches and kicks. And once your stress levels go down, you’ll feel a whole lot better while being more alert than before.
  4. Boost balance and coordination. Kick boxing also teaches you how to become more coordinated as you do various combinations of punches and kicks. What’s more, practicing kick boxing actually helps you improve your sense of balance which is a plus especially when you’re getting older. The better your balance is, the less likely you will injure yourself or get into accident when picking up, lifting things, or even just walking.
  5. Burn a lot of calories. Kickboxing is found to be quite effective when it comes to burning calories because training for an hour can actually help you burn from 600 to 800 calories. Not bad! Plus, you also get to tone your muscles, reduce stress, and even improve on your endurance. If you are looking for a fitness routine that will help you lose weight, you should definitely try kickboxing.
  6. Tone your entire body. What’s great about kickboxing is that it not only helps you shed those fats but it also helps you tone your entire body. From your upper body to lower body, all of your muscles will get sculpted for a better physique.
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It’s quite a surprise to find that kickboxing has numerous benefits to be gained. Training for an hour can help you burn some serious calories and the fact that you will be throwing punches and kicking out, you are actually helping your muscles become leaner, stronger, and more sculpted than before.

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